Battle animation/sprite commission request

I’ve looked everywhere for one specific combination of weapons and haven’t found what I’m looking for. I’d like an infantry unit capable of using a bow and sword. I’m planning to have it be a Hunter unit, and my attempts to make it myself were… Rough at best. If anyone might be kind enough to consider discussing and helping me with this, I’d be super grateful!

There is an assassin animation with a bow? I think there’s a hoodless option if that helps.
I can’t remember what else uses a sword and bow, have you checked the repo?

Yep, I have the entire repo added to my Google drive. There is the assassin, myrmidon, knight, and one or two mages. But none of them are really the design I’m wanting. Maybe I’m just too picky lol

The Ephraim weapon pack has him using a sword and a bow (among other things).

Hmmm I actually hadn’t even thought of that…I’ll take a look