Battle Animation Recolor Gacha

Do you like the battle animation Recolor?
This time, I’m introducing Recolor Gacha and the technique I’m calling.
This gacha is completely free to play, unlike the gacha of social games.

Please display this screen first.

Press the upper button of the cursor key and turn the number gacha.

Sometimes you can get good things.

Let’s check other motions as well.

Apparently this is Marisa’s palette.
However, I think it has a cool color scheme even when used as an archer palette.


That all.
Thank you for your attention.

Using this technique is convenient because you can just press the cursor key to make a recolor.
Of course, there are times when it does not work.
In that case, you may need to modify some of the palettes manually.
But if you can get the data close to the ideal by using this mess, your work will be much easier.

Why does this ridiculous method work?
That’s because the palette numbers of the colors used for hair and armor are similar in different animations.
Therefore, this gacha is useful for most battle animations.



FINALLY! every character

can be ass!


Discovery: Novala’s pallette still works as Monk, ironically enough. As well as Druid.

If you find a cool gacha, please post an image.
This will increase the recolor assets that anyone can use freely.

Character Palette fe8u.gba_5@06 mar__________EF8058

Character Palette fe8u.gba_66@43 nat__________EF8428

Character Palette fe8u.gba_44@2D dus__________EF82C8

Character Palette fe8u.gba_51@34 lar__________EF8338

Character Palette fe8u.gba_88@59 ish__________EF8588

Character Palette fe8u.gba_73@4A kno__________EF8498

Character Palette fe8u.gba_71@48 ass__________EF8478