Basilisk - The True FE1 Editor Suite is here!

Hi! I’m Polinym, FEU’s resident FE1 fanatic. Have you ever wanted to make your own FE1?
No? Well, if you ever want to, now you can!

You can do things like this:


This is the Basilisk editor I created to aid in my FE1-modding endeavors, and recently I’ve decided to lend it out to all the 7 other people out in the world that care about FE1.

This editor has nothing to do with FEGBA builder, instead it uses a Project system. You start with a Project folder with Text Files that contain all of the game’s data, either in a human-readable format or in a simple list of bytes. You make all your edits in your project, then Basalisk compiles it into a ROM!

Get here: Basalisk’s Github Repo (Release Only)

I’ve got some more makeshift editors that you can use with this, like a Map Editor I made in GameMaker, but I’ll add those later.

Also, I’ll eventually get around to writing up some kind of guide or wiki on how everything all works, but in the meantime, you’ll just have to figure things out. Virtually everything important is written in plain English. Just try to preserve as much of the formatting as possible. If things are formatting incorrectly, Basalisk will likely throw an error.

Note: This is only compatible with the modded ROM, the patch for which I’ve included with the editor, and that patch must be applied to an ordinary Japanese ROM. The reason for this is that I’ve added a whole bunch of mods over the years to make adding new content to FE1 not a horrendous nightmare. (Heh heh, Nightmare…)

I’m kind of a n000b when it comes to software licensing, so here are my Terms of Service:

By using Basilisk, you agree to the following:

  • I won’t claim this software as my own, nor will I try to modify it or give it away without crediting Polinym for it.
  • I am aware of what Hexadecimal values are, and feel comfortable using them and decimal numbers interchangeably. I understand statements like, “Jake’s index number is 0x2f”.
  • I understand that somewhere, at some point, I will make a mistake that throws an error in Basilisk, and I will politely ask for help from Polinym when this occurs after I have thought about what might have caused the issue myself.
  • I understand that FE1 ROMs have serious space issues, and if it becomes an issue when compiling, I will either use the dictionaries provided or ask for help if I do not understand how to use dictionary compression.
  • I am willing to try to figure things out for myself while resources or guides are not available by Polinym or anyone else on how things in FE1 work. I will use common sense when it comes to figuring out what each text file does.
  • I understand that Basilisk is not capable of editing every single possible thing in the ROM. Polinym is only one man, and has lot of obligations, like to his indie game, Octo Vinctum.
  • I acknowledge that the protagonist of vanilla FE1’s name is Mars, and will not try to misrepresent this character’s name.
  • I am aware that I cannot win against Gharnef.

The editor has a Unit Maker GUI built-in, which should aid you in editing units for now. Enemy units can be created by using the code provided in the code file I included with the repo. If you know how to code in Python, you can hopefully figure out how ThingMaker works and will be easier-ish for making enemy units.

I hope this thing works for you. Good luck, pantsless princes of the universe! >:]

Also, if you want to support Basilisk, then check out my other work, my just-released (as of 12/1) indie game,Octo Vinctum. It takes a bunch of inspiration from Fire Emblem!


This looks fantastic! I should try to make something with this sometime.

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Mars truthers unite…


I like how the indie game has more clicks than the basilisk editor.


My PME is too far along in development to start over with this, but I’ll be excited to check Basilisk out after I’m done.


This looks dope – will mess around with it sometime

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Finally got a seemingly-functional build of the map editor up, in the same repo as Basilisk, here:

It has a template of all the vanilla maps. You enter a project name (unique to this editor, doesn’t integrate with Basilisk directly), then it creates a project full of 25 maps based on the template. You can edit your maps, PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN will change maps and save changes to current map, press S to save manually, E to export the map file you’re editing to a text file somewhere. You can find all of the map files in your project at C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Archbishop<project_name>.

To use your maps in Basilisk, simply replace the Baslisik map text file in the chapter of your choice with the text generated by Archbishop.

You’ll probably want to have your map editor open while making units, enemies, events, and such in your Basilisk project, as you can press P on a tile get its coordinates (in hex), which you can use as coordinates for your positioning things.


this is so sick, i hope we can get more fangames in the future who get built on the wacky nesfe engines because they have so much fun stuff

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Maps saved as text files brings me back to the good old days of playing custom Super Mario Flash levels.


I released another update today:

  • Basilisk now will only write sections that had enough space to fit the data. Sections that had overflow errors don’t get written, but the program will continue to write any other banks that can fit. At the same time, compiling should be faster now that I changed how data is written to files (it’s instantaneous on my PC, so it’s hard to tell).

  • I added the two data tables for promotion under “/gameplay/promote_class.txt” and “/gameplay/promote_items.txt”. promote_class.txt defines what each class can promote to, and promote_items.txt defines what item each class needs to promote. By default, all classes promote like they in modern games (Hunter->Horseman, Armor Knight->General) and all classes that do promote need item 0x51, the Master Proof.

Note: Each class can only promote to ONE other class, this isn’t FE8! :stuck_out_tongue:

I started work on very slowly adding a page on my Github Wiki to document how to use every file Basilisk can support, as well as how to change stuff Basilisk can’t. You can watch the progress on it here: Home · Polinym/Basilisk Wiki · GitHub

Also, Basilisk was designed so you can basically edit the game data in whatever form pleases you. Which means, you’re welcome to create your own editors for the data in your Project folder if you want and share them. Ideally, it’d be great if every chunk of data had its own GUI, but that would take me a very long time.



I love that you added the error if you change the name to Marth. It made me laugh pretty hard. I was so confused about what was happening. I will now leave it as Mars for the respect for you creating this project.