Basilisk Jr. - The FE1 Randomizer

Hey there. It’s Polinym again, the local nutjob who wandered in here and is obsessed with hacking FE1 for some reason.

Tired of playing the same old, stinky FE1 with the same derpy prince, same armada of Social Knights, same game-breaking holy dragon sword…? Well, now you can play FE1 randomized, 'cause that’s a fun thing to do.


This is an adaptation of my personal FE1 tool Basilisk, hence the name “Basilisk Jr.”, that’s configured to exclusively randomize unit data, enemy data, and shop data. It works in a weird “project” format, where you specify a project directory, click the decompile button, then press compile to generate a randomized ROM. Don’t worry, though, it’s super easy to use.

I also restored some of my old “War of Darkness” mods to the game, which should make randomized games a lot more fun. If you’ve played Time For Tom, then you’ve seen some of these features before. Such features include:

  • Anyone can access the convoy at anytime, and using it is free.
  • Mages use their Magic (Strength) stat when attacking
  • More items (Steel Lance, Silver Axe, Killer Bow…) Not all of these have been fully tested.
  • Can deploy less than the maximum number of deployable units.
  • Hunters and Armor Knights promote to Horsemen and and Generals respectively
  • Generals can weild lances and bows.
  • All classes use Master Proofs to promote.
  • Weapon Triangle, Genealogy-style.

The randomization itself uses a system of rarity in an attempt to balance the game. Items are sorted into categories of Uncommon, Common, Rare, and Very Rare and have their respective chances of appearing given the current chapter and a random diceroll chance. Classes are also sorted into rarity categories, with classes being more likely to change into another class in their same category (ex. Pirates are much more likely to become Social Knights or Mercenaries than they are to become Mamkutes or Lords). While highly unlikely, you could end up with a unit that starts with boots, for example, or face an enemy weilding a Falchion if you get very unlucky.

Finally, you have some configuration options that are automatically generated with every project directory as “options.txt”. 0 means off, 1 means on. Here’s a summary of them:

Seed: Set to ? by default, but can be any text/number combination. Determines the seed used by the RNG. When it’s set to ?, it will use a random seed from the huge list provided by my associate Mareeta.

Yune Mode: When on, all rarity and balancing is thrown out the window. Anything can be anything, true randomness.

Buff Archers: Increases the base strength for archers.

Only good classes for Mars: Makes it so Mars can’t be something dumb like a ballista.

Mars Recruits All: Makes it so Mars is the character who recruits every other character. I’d advise against recruiting characters though, as you may run into a scenario where two playable units have the same name, which the game really doesn’t handle well.

Remove Intro: Removes the intro cutscene from chapter 1 so you can quickly see what units you start with.

This tool is designed to work with the “War of Darkness” patch included with this software, which adds the necessary mods that the randomizer assumes are there. Please patch the “War of Darkness” .ips to a vanilla Japanese FE1 ROM, then specify the patched ROM as your “base ROM” in the randomizer.

Download here:


This looks awesome. Gonna see if i can find the time to give it a try the next few days

Wowza! The randomizer’s finished! +/- 20 hit for WTA is a bit steep though…

Updated the randomizer to fix a few bugs. I also updated the graphics a bit to try and make them suck less. The link in the first post should still go to the latest version. If it doesn’t, let me know.
FE1 Arbella Stuart-0

I always welcome suggestion on how to improve the randomizer! :slight_smile:


Does the randomizer affect weapon stats and terrain bonuses?
From what I’ve played, the damage seems wildly inconsistent.
Like a mage takes less damage than a horsemen with the same defense from the same character with the same weapon. Do/Can forests give 7 Def??

Oh also marth can’t seem to recruit the character in matthis’s place

It shouldn’t affect weapon stats and terrain bonuses (althought items should have their Monshou stats in the base patch). Not sure what would make damage output weird, but one thing that I noticed shortly after is the way I implemented magical damage had a flaw. I just updated the randomizer zip with a better patch for that, hope it fixes it.

I wouldn’t bother with recruiting anyway. If you end up with two units that have the same name (which is likely to happen if you recruit people), the game gets confused.