Base Camp Patch

Can someone point me towards any documentation that explains what this patch does, as well as how to use it?

If it makes events/conversations triggerable in the prep screen like FE9, it could be a game-changer for the ROM I was working on.

It restricts being able to activate support conversations to one particular map ID.
For real base conversations, while such code exists, it’s not readily useable with builder:

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Ah, okay.

If you want a base mechanic similar to PoR, Lex Talionis has one that is quite intuitive to use and edit. Of course the engine might not have other features you’re looking for, but thought id mention it in case you werent aware.

Ah, I see. I’ve already spent a lot of time learning and using FE builder to make like 12 chapters though, so I think it might be for the best for me to finish there.

Thanks for the info though.