Bard sound cutting off?

I searched the forums but couldn’t seem to find anyone having my particular problem.

  • Hacking method:
    (I would’ve provided a link to the report file here but it seems I’m not authorized to do so)

  • Base Game:
    Fire Emblem Sacred Stones (English)

  • Steps to reproduce:

I imported Nils’ bard animation from FE7 over Ewan’s pupil animation, made the base Pupil class into a Bard.
Recolored and re-imported the bard icon set over the base Pupil class (I seem to be missing something somewhere but that’s irrelevant to this post)
Imported Nils’ bard sound effect from FE7
Imported Ride the Wind from FE7
Gave the new Bard class the Play skill
Installed the “Whistle” patch
Installed Many Dancer Battle Animation Music patch, assigned the new Bard class to it.
Installed Many Dancer Sound Effect patch, assigned the new Bard class to it.
Installed the Define Many Dancer patch, assigned Bard with it.
Made Eirika a bard for easy testing since I have no other save files that can work.

When I booted up the game, the animations starts, the flute plays, the music plays, but after a second the flute sharply cuts off for the rest of the animation.

Not sure what happened or what I did wrong.

If that is the case, please send the report7z.

dancer has many limitations and will not work without various patches.
Without knowing where you are failing, I cannot advise you.

I made a report7z but whenever I try to post it, the website says “no links allowed.”

I think FEU has a regulation that newcomers cannot post URLs to prevent spam.
How about joining the discord?