Ballista catapult stone "spell" animation, FE3 map sprites

I actually don’t know if “Requests” or “Questions” would be the preferred tag for this, since I’m absolutely not actually asking anybody to make anything for me, but it’s also more about graphical assets than hacking details.

Firstly, is there a “falling rock” animation to go with the catapult ballista animations? As I understand it, those call a separate spell animation to handle the part of the cinematic where the projectile actually hits (or misses) the target, but I can’t seem to find a separate “catapult stone” animation in the repo, and it doesn’t appear to be packaged with the animations themselves, either. Is one publicly available?

Secondly… Have FE3’s map sprites been uploaded anywhere? I’m not really too bothered about the special map animations for combat and such, especially since my understanding is that those are stored in a format that’s a huge pain to rip, but it would be nice to have the idle and moving animations if anybody’s got those anywhere.

As always, any help is appreciated!

I don’t think there’s such thing. If it’s not in the public repo, then it might as well not exist. However, It shouldn’t be too dificult to make one, you could just edit the pre-existing Ballista arrow animation.

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