Bad Hack incoming

Yep, Really bad so yeah…
Eliwood themed…


No one will reply

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you say something?

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Is Roy in this hack?

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No it’s this ‘Eliwood’ guy.
Whoever he is.

is ‘Eliwood’ supposed to be a new OC?



Eliwood much?
(But seriously, shoot. What’s the “bad hack” incoming?)

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I have some ideas to contribute


i have re-categorised this as “Community” so shitpost away



Most Definitely

Yes and he may or may not have paragon.


You shall see soon

When do we rename “Community” to “Shitposting”

Community already does mean Shitposting, it’s an inside joke everyone’s in on.


anything can be a shitpost if you try hard enough

The author here has created a masterpiece in the Fire Emblem Universe world. I believe that this post is not actually an announcement for a hack, but rather a post-modernist reflection of the hacking community itself.

First, the title itself. “Bad Hack incoming”. The subtleties placed by the author in this may be missed by a less-trained critic, but they are ever present. The word “incoming” is not capitalized like the rest of the title, even though it should be. This is to remove emphasis from it and place it on the other two words in the title, “Bad Hack”. The author is trying to display their insecurities of their own work through the usage of capitalization as a literary device, showing that they are unsure about the nature of the hack.

Onto the post itself. Notice how after the comma in the first sentence, the word “Really” is capitalized, despite being grammatically wrong. Just like in the title, this is not a mistake on the author’s part, but rather an emphasis on where their confidence is placed; not in the hack itself or its announcement, but rather stating that it is of poor quality. The “so yeah” afterwards, with no content in between, suggests that this worry of the author is quite pervasive, occupying his mind to the point of them being unable to say much else.

Finally, the last sentence of the post is “Eliwood themed…”. The first thing to mention is that both sentences end with ellipses, implying a quiet and timid voice. This may be a way to further the feeling that the author feels; anxiety over how their hack is. Secondly, one might believe that this is referencing the Fire Emblem character, Eliwood, but I beg to differ. This may instead be referencing the legendary Island in Arthurian legend, Avalon. This is the island where Excalibur was forged, a masterpiece itself alluded to as an eventual hope. The healing of King Arthur after the battle of Camlann is also alluded to, making a final reference to the healing of one’s insecurities over a battle between oneself. I believe most hackers, and in fact most artists have dealt with such feelings of inferiority and strife over their own work. The author here is attempting to send a message of their own plight, and as well a reminder that eventually, one’s work will be great enough to heal their worries away.


What Is Your Name Young One
I want to talk to you