Background Title Screen



I’m here again, long time without any post of mine :sunny:

Sorry to trouble you guys, but i want to change this:



and i tried(i know i’m noob at this and i don’t know a lot of stuff about this, so please be gentle :'c)

i tried using this one:


and got this in game:

So, i’m here to beg for your help, oh great and powerful pro people!

PD: I didn’t find any topic about this, so that’s why i’m doing this one, if there’s a problem i will delet it, thank you for your time.


Please use “256 Color Title Background” Patch.
This is more stable and can display 256 color images.

Installing with “256 Color Title Background Installer”.

Set the image in “256 Color Title Background Editor”.
If you use the function of color reduction processing, it will be automatically transformed to the specified size.

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Oh, i see, thank you very much! :relaxed: