Hi, I’m Backer. I’m going to post sprites and absolutely nothing else. Thank you.


What a chad


Created a post
Announce that he will dedicate to making sprites and nothing else
Refuses to elaborate further
End of discussion


Thank you. So I can’t post without making more post so I’m posting here.


As much as you may want to flex by just coming in to drop sprites. This forum does require more engagement, I found that out before starting to submit sprites here.

You will probably need to engage in a few more thread discussions around to promote beyond basic (as in post comments, not just vote).

No flexy here, I just want to drop off some old sprites that I don’t need anymore to contribute. A person the Discord channel said the forum was a good spot. I wasn’t able to comment on some posts so I assume I still need to make more post here.


Try commenting on other people’s introduction posts, like just saying “hello” or “welcome” or whatever.

Oh cool, I’ll do that then. I didn’t want to appear spammy by doing that, but I’m not able to comment on some community posts.

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Replying to “community” category posts, with the exception of introductions, is locked behind the same permission level as posting images and links, yeah. But you can reply to things like other people’s introduction posts and hacks’ threads to get the necessary activity level

The ultimate plan:
Step 1: Step in and introduce yourself
Step 2: Talk enough to gain permission to post sprites
Step 3: Post sprites
Step 4: Vanish without a trace until you make more sprites
Step 5: Step 3


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