Baby's First PME (Submissions Closed! Patch Out! Only Eirika Route)⅝

I just got familiar with Febuilder and I really like PMEs, so I thought why not?


-Characters: I’m only really familiar with the main playable cast so bosses might come after the submissions are filled.

-Classes: Custom classes are allowed since i sorta have a handle on that. 1 Manakete and 3 Trainees only, the Manakete gets a growth total of 580%. 2 Dancers are fine, I think? Monster classes are allowed

-Boons: As the standard, each character can have a selective Boon and Con with the respective stat being raised by +2 or -2. Players also have the optional choice to gain another boon in the same or different stat by sacrificing 1 level on the Character. For an example let’s say Eirika is level 1, if you wanted 2 boons, Eirika’s level would be raised to 2 (You may only do this once)

-Skills: Characters can have a personal skill and 4 level up skills. If a skill combination is too strong I’ll have to ask for the person to change it.

-Submissions: Players may submit 1 unit per day.

-Weapons: I can try my best to make a personal weapon if anyone requests it, I can only promise to try. The weapon must not be too powerful.

Extra Character slots!

Extra 1: Feardorcha
Extra 2:
Extra 3:
Extra 4:
Extra 5:
Extra 6:
Extra 7:
Extra 8:
Extra 9:
Extra 10:

-Female Clerics now gain Exp faster

-Male Clerics now have slightly more Hp and Def

Playable Character Template


Growth Rates (Max 425%):

Personal Skill:

Level up Skills (Up to 4):

(+2 and -2)
Players may choose another boon by sacrificing a level (Optional)

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster)



Other (Optional)


Portrait credits
Ryan- Miguel Rojo
Grant- Ghostblade
Tancred- Alanzo
Sloane- VelvetKitsune
Papilio- Garytop
Bulk Bogan- Gero
Tess- Lonkfromcalifornia
Snow- DatonDemand, Ultrafenix
Bastion- Sphealnuke
Barrabbas- Melia
Emma- Matthieu
Nemisis- VelvetKitsune
Rinta- Amema003
eric- guiltykappa Steven
Jeshua- SterlingGlovner
Moore- Intelligent Systems, Recolor by Eldritch Abomination
Crete- Mewiyev
Liadain- VelvetKitsune
Conrad- Garytop
Verona- Jopettajah
Lucario- Alem Owl
Derek- JiroPaiPai
Lyn- DatonDemand, Eldritch Abomination
Salemin- LaurentLacroix
Draco- Melia, edit by SmeargleDBZ
Mazarus- MaxTheUltimateSwordmaster, Bwam
Audino- AlemOwl
Hoss- CapibaraInSpace
Makoto- Levin64
rune- Intelligent System’s
Clint- BoneManSeth, MeatOfJustice
Calico- VelvetKitsune
Conner- MeatOfJustice
Helga- Blade
Daredin‐ Stitch
Anisha- CanDy
Inursha- CanDy
Sonia- IS, Obsidian_Daddy recolor

Patch Credits
16_tracks 12_Sounds
AutoGenOAM Reduce capacity by Dynamically creating LefttoRightOAM.
ExModuleSave with Supply 200 ver20220401
Skill SkillSystems 20220703

MonkeyBard, BlackMage for most skill icons
Blaze for Stances skill Icons
Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leon, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, bladmaster, Snakey1 for skills

Item Icon Credits
Greatbow- Eriskigal
Gorguniss- Seal
Heavensblade- Beansy
Artemis- 2WB
Tolerance- Zarg
Light Edge- Zarg
Bone Rush- Maxim
Gullin Katti- 2wb, Datondemand
Beaststone- Batima
Dreadful Cry- Beansy
Skeleton Ring- Maxim
Skull Pendant- SmithyGCN
Sekiro- LordGlen
Promise Ring- SmithyGCN

Map Sprites
Armor Lord- Salvaged BoneManSeth
Dark lord- Intelligent Systems
Savage Lord- Intelligent Systems
Bulwark Lord- Nuramon
Faolin- Ultraxblade
Banshee- Sphealnuke
Glaciest- Flashuban
Jotunn- Warpath
Lance Master- Pikmin, Unknown
Apollo- Der
Thaumatuge- Pikmin
Female Mercenary- Agro
Sword Fighter- HyperGammaSpaces
Sword Slinger- FE7if
Dark Sage- Jeige, TLP

Battle Animation Credits
Lyn Reskin- Edited from Base by Kimeru El perro
Lyn tier 2- RedBean
Banshee- Sphealnuke
Bulwark Lord and Jotunn- Leo Link. Huichelarr, Obsidian Daddy, Banpresto, KirbyFreak.
Scripters: Epicer, Sax Marine

Glaciest: Animation and scripting by Nuramon and Jeorge Reds, Magic by flashuban
Armorlord- Salvaged
Thaumatuge- Pikmin
Faoladh- Sirknite31
Female Hero- IS, Pikmin, Pushwall, St Jack
Female Mercenary- Variant by TheBlind Archer
Male Hero Reskin- Swain
Male Mercenary Reskin- Eldritch Abomination
Sword Slinger- SteamingTofu
Sword Fighter- Original by Nuramon, Reskin by Ultrafenix and Struedelmuffin

Dark Sage- By RedBean

If I forgot anyone to credit, please do notify me.

Here’s the Patch!

As the title suggests, this is my very first project. I apologize if the end result isn’t satisfactory or just doesn’t happen. Enough of that though, please get to submitting! Also Eirika is AthenaBear.


Playable Character Template

Name: Ryan
Gender: Male
Affinity: Fire
Class: Swordmaster
Replaces: Seth

Growth Rates (Max 425%):
Hp: 25%
Str: 45%
Mag: 30%
Skill: 50%
Spe: 40%
Def: 30
Res: 60%
Luck: 75%

Personal Skill: Life and Death

Level up Skills (Up to 4): Counter. Seal Speed. Certain Blow

(+2 and -2)
Boon: Spe
Bane: Res
Players may choose another boon by sacrificing a level (Optional)

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster)
Light Brand

Description: A mercenary sellsword. Hired to protect Tancred.


Credit: Miguel-Rojo

Other (Optional)


Name: Grant
Gender: Male
Affinity: Dark
Class: Armor Lord
Replaces: Ephraim

Growth Rates (Max 425%):
Hp: 75
Str: 75
Mag: 50
Skill: 35
Spe: 30
Def: 75
Res: 75
Luck: 10

(+2 and -2)
Boon: Defense
Bane: Luck
Players may choose another boon by sacrificing a level (Optional) no.

Vanity (Personal Skill)
Thunderstorm (lvl 5)
Bowfaire (lvl 10)
Staff Savant (on promo)
Death Blow (promo lvl 5)


Greatbow (detailed in other section.)
Iron Blade


Yes, it’s this guy again. With a different build to boot!

{Ghostblade} OC 4
Credit: Ghostblade

Other (Optional)

Armor Lord:

Class Details

uses these animations, credit to SALVAGED, uses bows/swords, with a C rank bow base, and D sword base. Use armor knight bases, with slightly less Skl, and slightly more Res.,%20Generals,%20Armors/[Knight-Variant]%20[M]%20Helmetless%20by%20SALVAGED

Promotes into Bulwark Lord, gaining +2 to Str, Def, Res, and +4 HP, as well as a +1 to skill.
Uses these anims on promo, credit to LeoLink,%20Generals,%20Armors/[Zephiel-Reskin]%20[U]%20Bulwark%20King%20by%20Leo%20Link
Gains Staff, Lance on promo, with lances getting D rank, and staves getting C rank.

Greatbow (Replaces Reginleif):

image Icon credit to Eriskigal
40 uses, eff vs armor/fliers. 14 wt, 9 mt, 2 range, 75 hit, 0 crit.

Gorguniss (Replaces Seigmund):

{Seal} (SacredWar) Bow 12 Credit to Seal.
40 uses, eff vs monsters/fliers/dragons. 15 wt, 13 mt, 65 hit, 2 range, 15 crit.


Name: Tancred
Gender: Male
Affinity: Ice
Class: Thaumaturge (Light/Dark Cavalry); promotes into Apollo (Light/Dark/Staff Cavalry)
Replaces: Eirika

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 80%
  • Str: 10%
  • Mag: 55%
  • Skill: 60%
  • Spd: 55%
  • Lck: 60%
  • Def: 45%
  • Res: 60%
  • GRT: 425%


  • HP: 15 (0)
  • Str: 0 (0)
  • Mag: 5 (+2)
  • Skill: 5 (-2)
  • Spd: 5 (0)
  • Lck: 5 (5)
  • Def: 3 (+2)
  • Res: 4 (0)
  • Con: 8 (0)
  • Move: 7

Personal Skill: Glacies
Level-Up Skills: Odd Rhythm (Lvl 1), Anathema (Lvl 10), Sturdy Stance (Lvl +5), Rally Spectrum (Lvl +15)

Boon + Bane:
+Mag, +Def, -Skill

Personal Tome: Heavensblade {Beansy} Sord (Credits: Beansy; R.I.P., they were a true G :saluting_face:)
Weapon Stats /

  • Rank: PRF (Tancred)
  • Might: 11
  • Weight: 5
  • Hit: 100
  • Crit: 10
  • Range: 1-2
  • Uses: 40
  • Skill: Wary Fighter
  • Effective vs. Axes

Sacred Twin: Artemis {2WB} (Icon Blitz 1) LIGHT Unknown1 (Credits: 2WB)
Weapon Stats /

  • Rank: PRF (Tancred)
  • Might: 16
  • Weight: 5
  • Hit: 90
  • Crit: 10
  • Range: 1-2
  • Uses: 40
  • Skill: Wary Fighter
  • Effective vs. Cavalry and Monsters


  • Shine
  • Flux
  • Vulnerary
  • Swiftsole
    Note: Ryan gives Tancred the Heavensblade, whereas Seth ordinarily gives Eirika the Rapier

Description: “Adopted prince of the Kingdom of Renais. He does his best to keep the darkness at bay. Still can’t believe his brother is…him.”

HatguyZ-1.png (1)
Credits: Alanzo
(maybe I’ll make a splice later? Unsure about that, though. :upside_down_face: I might cook up a recolor, to be honest. A splice feels like too much effort for me at the moment; again, that could change later, but stick with this for now)

Other: Obviously, the Thaumaturge class uses the Thaumaturge animation by Pikmin1211, but the Apollo class uses the Mage Knight-style Dark Knight animations by Teraspark; they can both be found under the Valks and MKs section of the Animation Repo :two_hearts: As for the Heavensblade’s
and Artemis’s animations, Heavensblade uses the Gronnblade animations by Orihara_Saki, befitting his current color scheme, and Artemis uses the Artemis animations by Arch; they can both be found under both the Anima and Light sections of the Spells and Skills Repo :green_heart:

Funny thing: I didn’t think I’d need to make a unit of myself as the Eirika replacement, but Emerald’s forced my hand, so I’ll have to think of one for myself soon if that’s the case. :sweat_smile:


Aaaand suddenly this idiot runs in and steals Franz again!

Name: Sloane
Gender: Female
Affinity: Thunder
Class: Wyvern Rider
Replaces: Franz

Growth Rates (Max 425%):
Hp: 90
Str: 80
Mag: 10
Skill: 70
Spe: 50
Def: 60
Res: 15
Luck: 40

Personal Skill: Kestral Stance

Level up Skills (Up to 4):
Patience (Lv. 5)
Gamble (Lv. 10)
Pursuit (Lv. 5 Promoted)
Impale (Lv. 10 Promoted)

(+2 and -2)
Boon: STR
Bane: RES
Players may choose another boon by sacrificing a level (Optional)

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster)
Iron Lance
Tolerance (Basically an 8 use Silver Lance with the Mercy skill “When equipped gives Mercy option.” or something. Feel free to down the uses if you want.)

Description: A pacifist… technically, one that is eager to break someone’s legs if they start the fight first.



Other (Optional)

Tolerance icon (Zarg)

Was so so tempted to giver her Celerity, but a Wyvern with that may’ve been too much, hehehe.


Name: Papilio
Gender: Male
Affinity: Wind
Class: Wyvern Lord
Replaces: Syrene

Growth Rates: 0% Across The Board (Starts at L20):
Exact Stats (If Possible)
LV: 20
Hp: 60
Str: 16
Mag: 2
Skill: 13
Spe: 12
Def: 17
Res: 2
Luck: 0
Weapon Ranks: B Swords & B Lances

Personal Skill: Renewal

Level-Up Skills:
N/A (for accuracy to FE4)

Boon: N/A
Bane: N/A
(If exact stats aren’t possible, Boon Str / Bane Res)

Steel Sword
Red Gem

A loyal Thracian knight.


Credit: Garytop

Yes, this is just that one FE4 boss that nobody remembers ported into FE8. No fancy PRF weapons or extra Skills beyond Renewal, just a good old tanky Wyvern with decent Weapon Ranks and some extra cash if you need it for endgame or Creature Campaign. Can’t wait to see how the PME turns out and good luck with the hack! :slight_smile:


“My name is Bogan
I do a spicy roll
I go around Magvell
increase the death toll”

–Bulk presenting himself to the lord.

Playable Character Template

Name:Bulk Bogan

Growth Rates (Max 425%):
Hp: 100
Str: 85
Mag: 0
Skill: 50
Spe: 70
Def: 40
Res: 20
Luck: 40

Personal Skill: Intimidate

Level up Skills (Up to 4): Frenzy, Gamble, Malefic Aura, Anathema

(+2 and -2)
Boon: Speed
Bane: HP
Players may choose another boon by sacrificing a level (Optional)

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster): Iron Axe, Hand Axe, Pure Water

Description: Loves to pump his muscles and consuming illicit drugs.

Death quote: Ouchies… My mooskles hurtes…


Credit: Myself


Name: Tess
Gender: Female
Affinity: Fire
Class: Mercenary
Replaces: Garcia

Growth Rates (Max 425%):
Hp: 125%
Str: 65%
Mag: 0%
Skill: 70%
Spe: 55%
Def: 15%
Res: 15%
Luck: 65%
410% total

Personal Skill: Vengeance

Level up Skills (Up to 4): 10: Provoke 15: Fiery Blood Promo 10: Frenzy 15: Life and Death

(+2 and -2)
Boon: HP
Bane: Defense

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster)
Iron Blade

Description: Cynical of the world around her, yet deeply compassionate for her friends, however strange they may be.

real port rate
Credit: Lonkfromcalifornia


Name: Snow
Gender: Female
Affinity: Ice
Class: Outrider
Replaces: moulder

Growth Rates (Max 425%):
Hp: 50
Str: 45
Mag: 0
Skill: 100
Spe: 65
Def: 65
Res: 45
Luck: 55

Personal Skill:
mount experts : allows unit to change mounts using the mount/unmount command (you can make this just a dummy skill like a description only skill)
Level up Skills (Up to 4):
Discipline (Lvl 5), chivalry (lvl 10). Sol (lvl 1 promoted), elbow room ( Lvl 5 Promoted)
(+2 and -2)
Boon: Def
Bane: luck
Players may choose another boon by sacrificing a level (Optional)

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster)
iron sword
A mysterious scared warrior with an unknown past. Skilled in mounting both horses and pegasi
Snow (cavsis) {DatonDemand, Ultra Fenix}

Snow (Pegasis) {DatonDemand, Ultra Fenix}
Credit: DatonDemand, Ultrafenix

Other (Optional)
Outrider class technicality:
So essentially she starts as a sword locked cavalier but she can use the mount command to change into a pegasus knight. You’re free to mod the stats of these classes to your liking

Promoted class:
Mount Master:
essentially she promotes into a female paladin with swords and staves. That can “mount” into a Wyvern knight (lances only)

use the mount/unmount patch to configure the class swaping thing. For portraits it’d be cool to have her switch between cav and peg armor but if you can’t I’d go for first portrait.


Guys, come on…


a new pme means a new time to put the same oc into fe8 with slightly different and generally higher than vanilla stats for the 50th time.
and a moment spent reading the main post beyond homing in on the template is a waste like no other


I use it as an opportunity to stop being a lazy shit and make new portaits


I did see it, but i guess i thought it’d be a neat thing to try to encourage the OP to try slightly custom stuff. Since new classes are pretty hard to do in fe6 and 7 pme. I’m okay with sticking with a cav line but @Taylor I’ll let bro decide if Mine pass the vibe check lol, since I think this one in particular isn’t that outside of vanilla

Okay bro, I ain’t hating on nobody but…

{Ghostblade} OC 4

how many times have I seen this mfin face in pmes lmao, bro is like omnipresent christ


Name: Bastion
Gender: Male
Affinity: Light
Class: General
Replaces: Rennac

Growth Rates (Max 425%):
Hp: 140
Str: 55
Mag: 5
Skill: 25
Spe: 25
Def: 55
Res: 25
Luck: 95

Personal Skill: Axefaith

Level up Skills (Up to 4): Sturdy Stance, Drive Strength, Drive Defense, Breath of Life

(+2 and -2)
Boon: Str x2
Bane: HP

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster)

Brave Axe
Chest Key (the 5 uses one)
Member Card


Armour (Version 5) {Sphealnuke}

Credit: Sphealnuke

Other (Optional):
Starts with B Rank in Axes.


Name: Barabbas
Gender: Male
Affinity: Fire
Class: Thief
Replaces: Kyle

Growth Rates (Max 425%):
Hp: 70%
Str: 40%
Mag: 0%
Skill: 50%
Spe: 45%
Def: 30%
Res: 20%
Luck: 60%

Personal Skill:
Quick Draw

Level up Skills (Up to 4):

(+2 and -2)
Boon: Spe
Bane: Res

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster): killing edge, lockpicks, silver card

Description: A greedy and shameless conman that somehow ended up working for the Prince of Renais.


Credit: Melia

Other (Optional): Sword level C


Playable Character Template

Name: Emma
Gender: Female
Affinity: Ice
Class: Priest
Replaces: Vanessa

Growth Rates (Max 425%):
Hp: 85%
Str: 5%
Mag: 55%
Skill: 35%
Spe: 40%
Def: 25%
Res: 65%
Luck: 55%

Personal Skill: Miracle

Level up Skills (Up to 4): Rally Resistance. Counter. Resistance +2. Countermagic

(+2 and -2)
Boon: Spe
Bane: Lck
Players may choose another boon by sacrificing a level (Optional)

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster)
Pure Water
Description: A head bishop of Frelia’s church. A strict yet gentle person.


Credit: Matthieu

Other (Optional)


Hah. I was writing up a Cleric as well, funny how that works
Aaand probably the only other character I’ll do because I need to do TWO entire character portraits, how dare I ask effort for myself like this.

Name: Nemesis
Gender: Female
Affinity: Ice
Class: Cleric
Replaces: Neimi

Growth Rates (Max 425%):
Hp: 50
Str: 10
Mag: 80
Skill: 50
Spe: 75
Def: 15
Res: 75
Luck: 70

Personal Skill: Powerstaff

Level up Skills (Up to 4):
Daunt (Lv. 5)
Miracle (Lv. 10)
Shadowgift (Upon promotion)
Tome Range +1 (Lv. 10 Promoted)

(+2 and -2)
Boon: SPD
Bane: SKL

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster)
Secret Book

Description: Exceedingly shy and hates being seen, the moment she makes eye contact she’ll cover her face. Apparently intimidating.



Other (Optional)
The Nosferatu’s just there to sit in her inventory as a ‘hint’ that she’ll get Shadowgift and/or until the first proper dark magic user yoinks it from her. hah.
…Not really a thing just for Nemesis, just staff users in general-- could you increase exp staff users get so they can actually promote in a decent time and stuff?


Name: Rinta
Gender: F
Affinity: Light
Class: Swordmaster
Replaces: L’arachel

Growth Rates (405% Growth rate total):
Hp: 55
Str: 35
Mag: 85
Skill: 60
Spe: 65
Def: 10
Res: 30
Luck: 65

Personal Skill: Arcane Blade

Level up Skills (Up to 4):
Level 5 Base: Breath of Life
Level 10 Base: Prescience

(+2 and -2)
Boon: Mag,Mag
Bane: Def
Players may choose another boon by sacrificing a level (Optional) Yes

Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster)
Light Edge (Prf Weapon)
Light Brand

Description: The feisty princess of Rausten who chose to wield a blade rather than a staff.

{amema003} F2E OC 2
Credit: Amema003

Other (Optional)
Palette: 5553FF7FFF6BFE3E501D3D1D961C6E1CBF3F7C3F5937B519D3250F15EA14A514
Light Edge stats: 1 range, 6 mt. 80 hit. 20 crit. 30 uses. Deals magic damage.
{Zarg} Sword 26
Icon by Zarg


So lets keep lute replecment a mage

Name: eric
Gender: male
Affinity: ice
Class: mage
Replaces: lure

Growth Rates (Max 425%):

Personal Skill: discipline

Level up Skills (Up to 4):
5 holy aura
10 lumina
5 promo dispoil
10 flare
(+2 and -2)
Players may choose another boon by sacrificing a level (Optional)
Inventory (Up to 4 items. Only 1 stat booster)
Airblade (6mt 90 hit 10crit 60uses c rank 2 wexp 6weight)
Brave wepon
{2WB} (Icon Blitz 1) Aircalibur
And animation

Blue gem(if to much then Red gem)

Description: mage with obsession of being able to master all magic types and create magic from diffrent realms


Credit: made by gulitykappa Steven

Other (Optional)
Gimick is simple make him mage knight and have ascess to all magic types