"ay, yo, dude who saw cam at pax" (l95)

“yo get in the discord” (Crazycolorz5)

how was riftwalk?

Oh my god, senpai noticed me!

Riftwalk was cool but wasn’t really worth waiting in that crazy, crazy line for (unfortunately).

I don’t think I can do the discord thing, it looks fun but I don’t really know anybody here (I’m just a poor lurker leave me be ;-;).

######I’m going back to my lurker hole and never posting again


…very well, I assume Cam saw this but I’ll tell him u said hi

Yo he actually showed up!!

(But that’s why you join the discord, to talk to people to get to know them)

git onrine i swar

nothing is worse than knowing a friend is out there but not willing to come inside