Axe fighters

So, I’ve been floating an idea in my brain for a while, and I’ve decided to create a thread on it.
What do you guys think makes axe fighters unique? Is it the high damage, sub-par hit rates, funny bonking, or overall beefiness?
Along with that, what is your favorite axe fighter? Be it character, class, or even just a hypothetical image you have in mind.
I’ve always loved Pirates, Brigands, and Berserkers, just for the movement, and the overall look and feel. I’m interested in what you guys think!


Berserkers…in my head they define the damage celling of physical fighters. Gonzales is a prime example of this.


Damage ceiling, huh, never thought of it like that. Honestly I feel like that makes sense. Kinda like how generals are the physical wall.

Yeah…with the introduction of the Skill System, i’d like to imagine a secondary niche where they get more damage, the lower health they are…so giving them skills like Wrath and Frenzy would be paramount.

Think about like this…you’re playing say…Project Ember. You have your capped defense Bors and suddenly a Berserker in the SIgune map pops up to fight you…tell me you aren’t shitting bricks at the thought of that even with a maxed defense General? xD

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Nice another berserker enjoyer.
Also what is damage ceiling?

Maximum damage output

My favourite axe guy was probably Othin in Thracia, Wrath in that game is just so fun (Needless to say a certain axe as well).
As for a favourite axe-flavoured class uhhhh… Berserker probably, criticals are very nice.


Ah gotcha thanks.

I always think of Boyd and Vaike. Units which are High hp and can tank a hit or two early game, have 60-75 accuracy and deal slightly more damage. In the case of boyd, he develops into a multi-talented range/melee crossbow wielding beast, and in the case of vaike his terrible growths keep him from going anywhere.

The key question with these first two types of axe fighters is will they overcome their weakness of having to wield heavy weapons and having low accuracy, or will their growths allow them to become a cherished member of the team.

The third type of axe unit is the Dart/Largo. The pre-built berserker pirate who you can slap a killing axe onto and have destroy stuff. they don’t have the growths to use them for the long term, but the game gives them to you for free and they end up being profoundly useful for simply how dispensable and reckless they are.

On a separate but related note:
The most powerful axe users -in my experience - are the ones which don’t start able to wield axes but unlock them as a secondary weapon. Heroes, knights, battle priest, wyverrn lord, you slap an axe onto a promoted unit and it can crush swarms of enemies. by this point the accuracy/weight isn’t an issue and hand axes are invaluable in wiping out droves of enemies. (plus steel axe is typically an E rank weapon with very high durability and power)

Depending on the game since some hacks make steel axes D rank but if your talking about vanilla FEs then that would make sense.

Berserks and Swordsmasters are the classes that gains a passive Critical bonus
So it’s not only the Axes High attack
They also have good crit rates
Without mention Hawkeye Unique sprite
I also like Griffon Riders from FE Awakening they are a winged mounted unit that uses Axes while almost all the time they use just lances
Heyo I Talked about a Male Axer, but there’s a female Axer that it’s too OP
I’m talking about Minerva Minerva was ridiculously strong and she has a personal weapon. Remember that we are talking about a First Generation character !!
After her other females characters like Titania or Camilla came to my mind
I’m more sword lover
But I’m also a Critical lover so I just cannot leave this thread without commenting that female character in Fates that reach almost 100% of critical using axes
That blonde hair (with almost zero clothes )
Those are the most memorable to me

If you are talking about axe fighter’s uniqueness then it has to be high con and close to never leveling speed stat and sht res but thats in fe7 and 6 but fe8 straight up made them broken although i talked a lot of shit about them the warrior’s crt animation is really fun regardless of bow or axe

Gameplay-wise, early game Axe fighters tend to fall off pretty quickly. Even in more modern titles, they aren’t the best units in the cast.

That being said, the ability to promote to heroes and berserkers in more recent titles has been a big boon for them.

And I notice that a lot of early game Axe fighters tend to be really interesting characters. At least starting with the GBA games. Bartre, Ross, Boyd, Vaike, Arthur, Charlotte, Rinkah, Boucharon, They all have very stand-out personalities. Even the more quiet guys like Lot or Dorcas have some interesting stuff hidden in their supports. And even if a character is “bad”, people are still gonna use them if they like their personality (for the most part).

I just released the first chapter of my project and the enemy it’s an unique class that use axes. If you want you can see it and give me your thoughts about it
It’s a Minotaurus