Average Statter

There used to be a Microsoft Excel file that you could use to calculate average stats, but every time I try to download it, I get redirected to the main page of the download site it’s hosted on, so I decided to make my own version.

Open Office Version!
Microsoft Excel Version!


Put in your characters base stats in the “Bases” column, then in the “Growths” column, put their growths. Lastly put in the promotion gains they get in the “Promotion Gains” column. Then you will see their average stats from 1/0, 10/0, 20/0, 10/1, 20/1, 20/10, and 20/20. You can also go to the “Level before Promotion” and “Level after promotion” spot and change the number to their right to see the unit’s average stats at specific levels, and when promoted on a specific level, and leveled to a specific level.

Changes over the original stat average calculator

  • Stats are rounded to the nearest whole number rather than displaying the decimals.
  • More color so it looks nice.
  • If a stat goes above it’s cap, then it’s brought down to the cap for accurate stats.
  • Capped stats are bolded in and colored.
  • Yellow cells indicate what cells you can edit.

Let me know what other features you’d like and I’ll put them in.

EDIT: Have to add more to this post because this editing system won’t let me unless I change enough about the post. -_- I’m just trying to organize and format the text because I didn’t realize I had to add two line breaks for text to be on a different line, sheesh!

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Well timed! I was going to throw one of these together for my own use this morning.

Thanks, MarkyJoe.

oof, dead links. This would have been really helpful