Auto's Sprite Stuff


Hey there! I’m Autonima, or just Auto. I’m here to bring you some sprites. They’re, uh… Not the best, to be sure, but setting up a thread here is a way to help me improve! If you want to use any of my sprites, please contact me directly and we’ll talk.





That mario is definitely…something

those maps are pretty good, though.

also where’d you get the halfbody hackbox, I’m pretty sure I didn’t post it anywhere but the feu discord and my own


The Mario isn’t trying to be in the style of FE at all, so that’s why it looks so weird. As for the halfbody hackbox, I did some work for GFE1R under the name “TheMightyJacobo” a while back.



Ah, I did use that piece of Hector’s chest-plate. If you want me to take it down, I’ll gladly do it.


General rule of thumb is to just ask before doing.


My go-to for years has been that all my stuff is free to use for any purpose and credit isn’t necessary. (Most people recognize it naturally anyway.)

The mugs on my deviantart are the unfortunate exception.


A FE8ified/XNA height Lance.
is this nickt’s thing am I stealing again help


Out From Ram
My take on Gaiden Map 1/Ram Village.


A new map