Auto's Sprite Stuff

EDIT 7/14/2023: it appears that imgur has broken all of the embeds on this post. Will fix soon.

Maybe I should keep the OP updated and not filled with old bad stuff, huh?

Please ask for permission to use anything you see here! Chances are I’ll give you the go-ahead, but there’s some stuff in here I’d rather you not use (plus, that gives me the chance to check out hacks that use my stuff).

Anyways, here is old and bad stuff! Use this stuff as you see fit, I guess.
The first thing I ever posted. Well, an FE sprite, anyway. I started with Pokemon and Undertale but I’m not brave enough to go back through that stuff.
Other early splices.
Versions 1 and 2 of the lord of the first of many dead hacks. Featuring my first foray into battlesprites.

Speaking of…
Other old battlesprites! The latter two are from the old SF BBS.
This splice is okay, looking back on it.

Here are two really old customs, one’s not even FE styled. I think around here is when I moved to FEU.
An extended Lance. This was when I was big into Nickt’s stuff.
Old splicecomp submission.
And this was from CUM.
Old Joshua, from an unrealized FE8 sequel.
And a crappy Seliph

Proyect stuff. Various things I've done for other people. GFE1R was my first big break as a spriter, thanks to Kirb and Peer and everyone else on that team.
Here’s Nagi, edited and made good by Lenh, Nickt, Bluey, and Blaze.
And Radd, also made good by Blaze and Ceyr.

Those are the finished ones. Now for the WIPS
Bathys and Merach
And my worst enemy, Palla. Most of this is Wdmta.

Here’s some stuff from Tale of Ternon:
My character, Jack.
Here’s his current iteration, edited by Nickt.
And here’s Reginald, edited by Blade.

And now for Elibean Nights, which may or may not be dead.
Alen’s dad, Arnoldas. Edited by Busk.
Two variations of a younger Athos.
Evil Matthis for Pikmin, made from GFE1R’s Matthis by Nickt and Stairfacts, edited by L95.

Other, less bad stuff?
Acies, my edgelord OC from Community Blitz 4.
A boss, also from Comblitz.
The first version of the lord of my current hacking project.
Fraanz and Eirika, for hair shading practice.
A Sigurd.
Some mugs for a mugging blitz.
More recent splicecomp stuff.
A generic mage, inspired by Melia’s SOA generics.
My Aasimar Paladin from a D&D 1shot.
Shon from TLP
Some FE6 boys.

Now, for the stuff I'm actually somewhat proud of!
A pretty cool Marth, edited by Nickt and Wdmta
Current mugs for my hack (coming soon).
And here’s Jahn, an FE6 boy I’m actually proud of.


That mario is definitely…something

those maps are pretty good, though.

also where’d you get the halfbody hackbox, I’m pretty sure I didn’t post it anywhere but the feu discord and my own

The Mario isn’t trying to be in the style of FE at all, so that’s why it looks so weird. As for the halfbody hackbox, I did some work for GFE1R under the name “TheMightyJacobo” a while back.


Ah, I did use that piece of Hector’s chest-plate. If you want me to take it down, I’ll gladly do it.

General rule of thumb is to just ask before doing.

My go-to for years has been that all my stuff is free to use for any purpose and credit isn’t necessary. (Most people recognize it naturally anyway.)

The mugs on my deviantart are the unfortunate exception.

A FE8ified/XNA height Lance.
is this nickt’s thing am I stealing again help


Out From Ram
My take on Gaiden Map 1/Ram Village.


A new map


It’s been a while, huh.
Have a Marth I guess.

Big thanks to @NICKT for editing/polishing this guy.


A couple exercises in shading hair I did a while back. Pretty proud of Eirika.


Alm and Celica


Celica be praying to Duma and Mila for Alm’s obsession of oranges

Funny barbecue man


Build a man a fire and he will be warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.


i’ve been busy.

various sprites for a special proyect by @Arch and @P33RL355:
Preview 1

2 quickies for @serif’s Mugging Blitz Round 8. Not my best work, but they’re free to use:
Caligo Termin

and some sprites of my own, using skin tones compiled by @Blade:
Preview 3


Just massively updated my OP with some new sprites.


huh. its been a bit.

decided to put the stuff i’ve made over the past two+ years on here for archival purposes.

don’t use any of it without asking me directly, a lot of it is from other people’s now-dead projects so it’s not my call anyway.

and don’t expect an increase in output, i’ve barely interacted with this community for years at this point and i don’t really expect that to change. that’s not anyone’s fault, i’m just in a different stage of my life than i was in 2018 or whatever.

anyways, without further ado…

old stuff for @Pandan

old stuff for @P33RL355

a couple things for other projects

other various stuff not made for other's projects