Aura Wolf's Crap a Snap Pack

Because I am a copycat, I have decided to release some free-to-use maps for those of us that want to hack, but can’t make super pretty maps and don’t feel like learning to.

All of the maps included are for Tiled users, but there are some done in Mappy.

If you like one of the FE8 tileset maps, but want to use it in your FE7 hack, or maybe even vice versa, then I would recommend giving this topic a visit.



v3.0 to v3.1 upgrade (Only contains the new files)

Some of the 76 maps included:

Happy hacking for maybe two and a half people!


Great resource! I’ve been thinking of whipping up a short 10-chapter hack using these open source maps.

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Thanks =)

Sounds interesting, can’t wait to see it.
Though you’ll have to use one of the maps twice or get another map since there are only nine provided atm
unless you mean other open source maps as well…?

You’re not the only one with open source maps!

I noticed, Prime =P

First annoying bug thing found:

[quote]Looks cool and I attempted to try them out but got this error.[/quote]
Ah yes, this is the main reason why I hate Tiled

You’ll need to make sure the map you’re trying to use is in five folders and to have the tiled tilesets in two folders (i.e. Tilesets -> FE7) to get the file directory thing (right term?) working properly


For future releases, I might just have the pack on my desktop and make the maps work from there, so they would only need to be in three folders (good for paths like hacking -> project -> maps or project -> chapters -> chapter)

Unless anyone has an actual solution for this XD

The next version is coming kind of soonish!
I’ll probably make at least two more maps (A boat map and a castle map) before I upload, but until then, have a look at the maps introduced in the next release:

Now is an especially great time to say any recommendations or requests for terrains I haven’t covered yet, whether it’s Overworld or a game specific tileset. Feedback on how the maps are in practice would also be appreciated (e.g. map x is too crowded).

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Version 2 has been released!

This release has an additional 18 maps, tripling the total amount to 27.
The OP has also been updated to include some screenies of the maps included, so have a look if you haven’t downloaded either of the releases yet and aren’t use =3

Thank you everyone for the motivation, whether you posted or downloaded the first version!

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Would you like to map for Blazing Renaissance?

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Happy late Thanksgiving and Black Friday or something!

Version 2.1 is here!

The biggest update this version has is the inclusion of tile changes; every map that requires them has tile changes in both Mappy form and Tiled form.
Along with this, there are two new maps:

[size=8]I also kinda apologize to any that went ahead and made the tile changes before this update[/size]

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Version 3 is finally here!

This will probably be the final update (my ambition at the start of the project was higher than it is now), but I can’t guarantee that. Here are some brief notes about the newest version:

  • Map count total: 75
    • 17 new maps, 28 SF Open Source Gallery maps, and 1 map contest submission
  • Different versions of maps, which are not included in the total above
    • 2 maps have enlargened versions (the maps were originally made with their smaller size in mind)
    • 8 maps have a version with minor edits (small updates to fit my current “style”)
    • 2 maps have a revised version
  • QOL changes
    • Map names now include the size
    • Picture folder: Each map now has a .png file you can view instead of loading the map in a map editor (or having to export the images yourself)

The mappy maps folder was not updated from v2.1 to v3. If there are any future updates, it will stay as it was in v2.1 (no more mappy maps).

Some of the maps included in the download

Thank you all for having any interest in my work! I hope this helps you in some way.


Version 3.1 is here!

If you have already have Version 3.0, then you can download the new files here:
Upgrade Download

Otherwise, you’ll want to click the following link to have all the files in the map pack:
Complete Download

This update log will be pretty brief.

  • The README has been updated with new information that is useful for those new to FE hacking:

  • Fixing the file/image source/tileset not found issue

  • Inserting Tiled maps

  • After typing up the new instructions in the README, I decided to make another map: FE8 Overworld 27 (a 20x26 sized map using tileset 01 00 38 03) yes, another overworld map

Here's what it looks like


hmm, pretty neat stuff , ya have there. keep up the good work.

Thanks! I’m still not sure if I’ll be done with mapping for this or not, so we’ll have to see.