Atomic Banjo’s Extravaganza

What’s up, FEU fam. I recently turned 21 and I wanted to start my first topic to commemorate the occasion.

With FEET (fee3 but better) unveiling a lot of amazing works, what are some projects you are excited for? What are some of the mechanics, classes, characters, or features that stand out to you in those projects?

Lastly, as a birthday wish, please recommend me some fresh FEGBA content to check out :^D

So far I’ve played:
VQ, SGW, J&P, RtR, TLP, CotA, BL, EN, PE (and a few more I can’t recall)

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dark lord and the maiden of light maybe?

Play Alethia by Knabepicer/Epicer.
It’s a pretty fun hack with a decent story.

ooo, DLATMOL. that’s one I need to get around to!

I’ll check it out! I enjoyed “Storge” so I’m sure Alethia will not disappoint

Happy Birthday ! And for recommendation, since someone else already mentionned DLATMOL, in the same style Order of the Crimson Arm is a very good game !

But for the projects I’m excited for, there is just too much of them, and that’s awesome ! Maybe the one I look the most forward is Cerulean Coast, because I’m a huge tabletop fan and the project have a very good vibe of a D&D campaign :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And like for the projects presented, there was so many mechanics, classes and features presented that it’s hard to chooses amongst all of them. But flier emblem, that was presented today, really blow my mind. It’s just incredible of much hacking can achieve

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happy B-day!
My recommendation for you is to check out the hacks featured in FEET, all 80 something of them that’ll last you a while

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Cerulean Coast is extremely promising! Can’t wait for future updates :smiley:

I just checked out Flier Emblem last night! Super impressive feat and I like the changes circle’s made to fit the theme