Assembly Patcher Tutorial?[Resolved?]

I need to learn how to use this (both for making and applying hacks). Anyone care to write a short tutorial for it?

which one? there are a few differences between mine and hextator’s

Hextator’s, I guess. But it would help to have a tutorial around for both.

the format is the same for both and the usage is rather self-explanatory

(everything i’m about to say is in little endian)

the first four bytes of the file are a 32-bit value that represent the hardware address for the system (in this case, it should always be 0x08000000).

next are a series of patches in the following format

32 bits representing the write-to offset (org) of the binary
32 bits representing the difference between the end of the patch “header” (these twelve bytes) and the start of the binary data (i have never had a case where this is nonzero)
32 bits representing the size of the data to write

intdiv(size, 4) bytes of binary data to be written at the specified address

(next patch)

this file has a pretty decent example, if you don’t want to bother doing the patch headers by hand.

the biggest difference between mine and hextator’s is that mine allows variable write-to offsets (if you set an org of zero, it prompts the user) and automatic “linking” (so you don’t have to do an “ldr rn, =OFFSET+1; bx rn” thing - the patcher will do it for you), in exchange for being slightly more arcane and difficult for the user