ASM Unit Status

Has anyone made ASM that allows the unit deployment screen to not glitch out after 50-ish characters? And is there a way to ensure that there can be more unit slots within the status screen that won’t glitch out?

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible. We’re talking about the limits of the game itself here. You can only have 20 or 30 units deployed on a map, and 50 in your party. No more than that.

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It looks like prep stuff has been mostly decompiled in the past weeks, so it’ll be a lot easier for someone to figure out how to expand this in the future.

That said, it still looks like a fair bit of work, so who knows if/when someone will attempt this.

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VQ is known for having over 50 playable units, so it most likely had a fix applied. I’m not sure if it’s public, so you’d have to ask them if it is. There is a patch to always enable Formation in preparations, which is one of the known bugs.
If you mean specifically a graphical issue with map sprites, that’s a technical limitation and the best way to avoid it is to make all map sprites be 16x16, followed by reducing class variety.

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I meant like in situations like this. Some types of unit sprites disappear in prep and the option to choose the unit are void as well

Kind of like my comment above to Alice. When I go beyond the 50~ threshold for units sometimes they are void of sprites and sometimes they disappear from preps altogether

In that image is the graphical issue I mentioned, you have too many different class sprites and are hitting the GBA limitation. Only ways to fix that are to shrink the map sprites to 16x16 or have less variety.

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Hatsuru dm’d me, but will add here for context:

Up to 62 units can be properly saved using expanded modular save (EMS). I am almost 100% positive that this functionality is now baked into EMS.

The visual issue here has to do with loading too many unique map sprites IIRC.

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If a unit disappears from prep altogether, then that’s because the prep menu was designed for up to 50 units.

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