ASM Hacking, Is this possible in terms of weapons?

I wanted to try to figure it out myself but I just have no idea wtf I am looking at so here goes.

My idea is to make an item act like an iron rune except it applies to the weapon instead of the unit. My question is there a way to make a new weapon type that makes the battle routine check for it and applies whatever effects it has to the weapon?

If so, how would I go to edit something like that?

You don’t even need assembly here. Just set the last bit of weapon ability 2 (0x80, Negate Criticals), and voila!
If you only wanted it to take effect when the weapon is wielded, that would take some assembly… that conveniently already exists (for fe8, that is).

Be careful though, it turns the weapon itself into an iron rune… meaning it works even if the weapon is unequipped or unusable. So if you give it to an iron sword, everyone can slap those in their inventories and have the iron rune effect with any other weapon.

I specifically requested that someone make an iron rune effect just for equipped weapons in combat a year or two ago… it’s probably lying around somewhere?

Edit: LMAO Tequila, YOU coded it! [FE8] Iron Rune effect on weapon: Only when equipped

Not only that, but I already linked it in my earlier post, you obstreperous harlot.


O-oh yeah? Well you’re a uh… uh…

I got nothing.


nah nah, I got bigger plans boys, Here is an example of what I want.

unit has a sword equipped, just a basic weapon. has some item in its inventory called Vamp where the item has the steal hp weapon effect.

when the unit goes into battle, the engine checks and sees the unit is holding the item vamp and applies its weapon effect to whatever weapon the unit has equipped making the basic sword into a sword that steals hp.

after the unit kills the unfortunate soul who dared crossed blades, the unit takes his item called brave ring that has the brave weapon ability.

the next battle the unit goes into, the engine sees he has vamp and brave ring, so the equipped weapon now has the brave and vamp effects applied.

Basically I want to overhaul the weapon system (project blacksmith) where you can gain items (similar to the skill system) that apply to your equipped weapon thus reducing the need to give the player a bunch of weapons they may never use.

So, you basically want my skill system; namely, item-based held skills. It’s on my to-do list, but I haven’t even looked at Circles’ new skill system. I believe it should be fairly straightforward. There’s a function that checks whether a unit has a particular skill, and that should be all you have to modify. Theoretically.

Yeah I figured it might be close to the skill system. Will take a look then if its open to the public and hopefully I can modify it to my needs.