Asking for FEBuilder custom Event Commands

EDIT: Now I’m requesting custom Event commands. The old request was hidden.

Well guys it’s me again. I didn’t want to create a new thread for almost the same so I think that recycling this one was the best option.

See, I’m working on a very un traditional FE hack and I am using a lot of events but there are Two events that doesn’t seems to exist and I would like to have them for making easier my work.

1st. Command Event :
" Check if an UNIT is in a specific area "
Right now the command I have in FEBuilder is to check if there is a specific character, so it really checks the character ID in X,Y.
I just need to check if there is an unit without checking the ID … Is that possible ??
2nd. Command Event :
" Check numbers of playable units deployed "
Right now there’s a command that check the numbers of enemies in a map. And there’s another for allies… But there’s no one for playable units. I would like to have one that check the number of remaining units the player has in their map at that moment. Is that possible ??

Many thanks for reading.

Old request solved by Vesly

Hello, Lukirioh here. Look, for some reason I would like someone to make a custom Patch to me. I don’t know how to do it and I think it wouldn’t be too hard to do it.
I would like a patch that change the position of Name and Classes at the details screen.
In traditional FE, the name of the characters appears just below the portrait.
I would prefer to have the class name below the portrait and where usually appears the class name I would like to show the character name.
Is that possible ?
Can you make it ?
Does something like that already exist ?
If it is too difficult to do could you teach me please ?
Thanks for reading


Replace char name with class name in a bunch of places

Stat screen

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I’m requesting now for custom Events commands, that’s why I decided to recycle the thread instead of making a new one. I hope I did the correct.

Both of those can be done with the AddEvent: Get the number of Count number of units in a specific range patches.

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