Art & animations showcase for fee3?

Considering fee3 24 has just been announced I thought it’d be nice to talk about this.
We know that nuramon has consistently had an entry for fee3 that is nuramon’s animation showcase. And as a spriter it’s always been the highlight of every fee3 for me. Don’t get me wrong ofc i enjoy seeing other projects on display and the exciting trailers and reveals but i’ve always been drawn to the animation side of things. With that said i was wondering what the rest of feu thinks of this. Would more animations and art showcases (mugs, maps, tile sets) be something you’d wanna see? And how would it be best to showcase these assets? A poll is in order i believe

  1. 1-5 how much would you be excited to see art showcases entries in fee3?
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
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(5 is most excited)

  1. What do you think is the best way for artshowcases to be done?
  • Individual artists (each artist makes a vid showing ONLY their made assets)
  • Assorted artists (a lead collects videos from each artist and puts them together in a compilation)
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For assorted artists it’s like those animation showcase vids from YouTube but ofc more ethically collected since the artists submit their work to be put in the compilation, proper credits would be displayed on screen ofc and this does allow for artists who don’t have enough work for a solo vid to be showcased

  1. What type of art would you be most excited to see in a video?
  • Battle anims
  • Portraits
  • Maps
  • Music
  • Combo (basically all works an artist makes in an individual video)
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Well anyways feel free to add to the discussion and write down your thoughts on this. For me personally more art showcases can be a cool way for people in the community who might not necessarily be working on a hack or project to be part of fee3.
(Note: this isn’t meant to be like a jab or insinuation that fee3 needs to change just a means to open up discussion and gets conversations going)


A mapping showcase with the free movement asm could be rly cool

I wanna see some big ass aesthetic-focused maps

It seems like artshowcases is in high demand this year, that being said, are yall making one for fee3?

  • Totally, already editing it
  • I’ll think about it
  • NAH
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Should artshowcases become a norm for the annual fee3?

  • Sure
  • Only if the artist have enough material for a vid ( so maybe every 2 years or more)
  • Switch to assorted artist like video next year
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What do yall think about not f2u/f2e comms being part of the showcase? (aka works that is part of an artist’s portfolio but was commisioned for a project?

  • Only works made for the public (F2U/F2E) should be shown in a vid
  • An artist should be able to show comm work with commer’s consent/blessing
  • Any work that has been shown in an artist’s thread is part of the artist’s portfolio and can be shown in the vid provided labels are given
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lookin at one of the poles I’m kinda surprised portraits ranked so low,I’m interested in why (no judgement ofc) just wanted to know and if a primarily portrait artist were to make a portrait showcase how would yall like for the portraits to be seen?

portraits ranked low because they’re so damn specific and generally not very impressive and also don’t take as much labor as a battle animation

In other words a given portrait is much less likely to see widespread use than maps, music, animations, or, like, anything else.

Exceptions are things like LaurentLacroix’s modular generic face guy or JiroPaiPai’s 100 splices. That stuff sees use

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another problem i heard is that portraits are usually commed or linked to specific characters and hacks so it might be better if they are shown in the hack’s trailer instead of the artist’s video. But it can be a source of cross marketing for both hack dev and the artist