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Edited Rory/Bandit guy a little.





Finished this one, I’m gonna leave up a poll for a week to see which people prefer colour for the cape.

Have a pirate too.

  • Option 1 (Cape colour same as hair)
  • Option 2 (Dark green cape colour)

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Looks like people like the Dark Green one more, personally I like both so I’m gonna keep them both.

Thank you to those who voted.

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Sorry for the bump, but I’m back and I thought I would try making some maps, outdoor ones for now. I’ve also modified the Narube River and Darkling Woods fields tilesets with blue waters, all F2U.




Tileset Palette FE8ArmoryPatch.GBA_Additional style (Ch20 River of Regrets)(05 06 06 05 00)


Tileset Palette FE8 Darkling Woods


Edit: I’m an idiot and forgot to post the palette objects, I will also upload the maps to a dropbox link shortly as insertable format if anyone wants to use them.

Edit 2: Dropbox link is up so all of my stuff will be there, includes updated minimugs so now they’re less ugly, if there’s any issues with the link please let me know. I haven’t used a dropbox link before.


More finished portraits, the top one took more than long enough to finish. I also made my first attempt at a female portrait.

OC 1


More portraits done, I will post all of my stuff to the public repository thread soon.

OC 2
OC 3
OC 4


Ever wondered what the Plains tileset would look like if it was as Fields?

Look no further! I’ve done a new fields palette using most of the plains FE8 colours, however I have modified the water colours abit so that it looks more suited to other fields tilesets, the path/sand colours are also brighter.

I actually like the look of this one myself, I feel like it’s a blend of both FE7 and 8. Why did I do this you ask? To be honest out of boredom, I will say though it is not finished yet as I will do a fog palette as well as it doesn’t have one of its own yet.

Sample Maps



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Bump! Been a while doing pretty much anything for this thread, so have a few new WIP splices and a new palette for Fields (yes, I’m probably overdoing it with these field palettes lol).


And an alternate colour scheme for the 2nd one


Edit: Frames done for the splices, updated OP.


Been awhile huh?

First castle map, experimented with a symmetrical look and it sort of works?
Unlike other maps I’ve posted this map is NOT F2U/E.

Castle Map 1


Made another indoor map, probably better than my last one.
Once again not F2U/E.

Fort Map 1


A pretty good map but I spotted a few errors

the pillar is just a simple shading flub but I’m moreso curious as to what you think these carpet tiles are supposed to be bc this appears to be an intentional choice. These are, iirc, supposed to be tiles for bends in carpet but rn they’re placed randomly and don’t seem to have a purpose in your map
Regardless it’s been good to see your improvement, this map is seriously good apart from those errors.

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The one pillar shading flub i know about, that’s fixed, the bottom left and right carpet areas are where the party starts, as well as still learning how they work.

As for the top right carpet, ill be honest, im not entirely sure if i was going to make it a room or a corridor or something.

Thanks alot anyway, much appreciated.

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Im mostly just talking about the specific tiles circled, the carpet placement itself is good

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More F2U portraits/splices, this is a first batch of 10 in total I’ve made recently.

Evil guyKnight girl 2Merc-Brigand-FighterguyMyrmidon girlOrange Cav guy

No, these will probably not be used in Infernal Blade.


The second batch of 10 F2U splices.

Archer girlArcher-Merc girlGreen Hair MonkKnight girl 1WyvernRiderguy



Angel Peg Rider


Love all of this~! Just curious what the none F2U Maps mean? Totally cool if they aren’t F2U the name is just kinda throwing me. I’ve been bouncing around the idea of making a small hack and this would be some awesome stuff to use! If I actually make anything at some point can’t wait to credit ya

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It means they aren’t for free use and just for showing off in the thread basically.

Thanks im happy you love it all :blush:

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Good to know! :+1:

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Over the past few months I decided to give some Uninsertable mugs from the repo blink/mouth frames, all from the Zelkami folder, most of these exceeded 16 colours originally, so I requantized them all, these are F2U for your own projects, but as they aren’t really mine you don’t have to credit me for these.

These will be added in a seperate folder on my dropbox link.