Arkth's sprites (mostly FE7 and FE8 stuff for Lex or Tactile)

Hey guys, Arkth here.

Since the Lex engine is working nice and Tactile (Fexna) is finally a reality, I believe the 16 color limitation of GBA should limit us no more.
My final goal is to bring more color and unique sprites to those games I enjoyed many years ago: Blazing Sword, Sealed Sword and Sacred Stones. Mostly based on the games, FE0 (Cipher) and Heroes Official Artwork.
I’m not a “builder” or “programmer”, I cannot (nor have the time or will) finish a full project myself. But I’ll help with sprites/animations, for remakes, remasters, fanmades, or any kind of project around Elibe and Magvel.
I have a bunch of animations and sprite sheets, but i’ll be sharing them after “update” them with more colors.
Feel free to edit or animate the shared stuff you find here.
Some of them have animations in the works (a couple more sprites), so Please let me know if you want to animate any of them, so I may share you what I have so far.


(In the works)


Rebecca - Archer (based on FE7 Official Art)
Lex - Archer - Rebecca - copia

Lyn - Blade’s Lady (based on FE 0 cipher Official Art)
Lex - BladeLady - Lyn - copia

Eliwood - Lord (based on FE7 Official Art)
Lex - Lord - Eliwood - copia

Erk - Mage (based on FE7 Official Art)
Lex - Mage - Erk - copia

Isadora - Paladin (based on FE7 Official Art)
Lex_Paladin_Isadora - copia

Nino - Sage (edit of Greentea, RobertFPY work, based on FE Heroes Official Art)
Lex_Sage_Nino - copia


Valter - Wyvern Knight / Wyvern Terror (fusion of Wyvern Knight and Malig Knight by Pikmin1211,Jj09,7743, Jey the Count)

Marisa - Swordmaster (based on FE 0 cipher Official Art)
Marisa - copia

Original stuff

Most of them are 16 colors, still need to update them

Hunter - male ( by Deranger, Jey the Count) & female

Witch Aprenttice - Female & Male

Witch - Female concepts & Male

Death Knight - Female & Male

Death Knight - Male concepts
1_Death_Knight (1)

Generic Great Lord - Male & Female

Raider - Male (by Spud) & Female

Bandit Lord - Male (based on Spud’s work) & Female

Wolf rider - Female & Male

Wolf Knight - Male & Female

Pontifex - Male & Female

Generic Sniper (bot) and Marksman (top) - Male & Female

Concept of Generic Rider techtree (based on SALVAGED’s Cavalier & Greentea’s Paladins)

Wolf Tammer - Female & Male

Of course the topic would be updated. Once again, if you want to animate any sprite, feel free to do it, just let me know.
If you want contribute with FE6, FE7 and FE8 stuff, feel free to do it.


These look amazing!

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Nice work, as usual. I love the skeletal male death knights.

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I love Death Knight :>

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Oh hell yes this is exactly what I need. I’m working with Tactile and planning to have valkyries promote into holy knights from 3h and gain lances, my project is a mainly FE6-10 fangame with FE6-10 characters and I’d want this for Natasha and L’Arachel. If this was animated I’d be very happy and obviously I’d give credit.


I like witches very much!

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Glad you like it!

x2. It’s one of my favs! Hey, how you’ve been? Hows the projects going?

x2, love it too! Which Death Knight style is you favorite?

Sure, feel free to use it. Being honest with you, I’m not planning any animation of them any time soon (Maybe the Witch 'cause is the easier to do). Due RL lack of time, I barely work in this kind of stuff. And the little time I have is pretty much for FE7 stuff.
But, If you really want it and are willing to “pay the price” (I mean with Work, not Money) I can help with a couple frames, so you can do the animation.
You see, animating a Magic user is way easier than any other weapon user. Actually, it does exist in the repository a Mage knight working animation using a lance. I guess you can use that one as a base for the Pontifex animation. the magic and staff animations should be easy cake for you.

One of my favs too! Which Witch’s style is your favorite?

Death Knight Male with Scythe Weapon ( I am a girl) and Death Knight with Sword too (^o^)/ will you release it when you finish to make animation for them ? (//∇//)\

It’s going well. I’m still in the process of porting my existing work over to rainlash’s new work-in-progress version of the LT engine. I am optimistic that I can at least re-release what I have already completed in the new engine in a couple months. There are a few engine features that still need to be implemented before I can release this version though, including battle animations and autotiles.

*Edit: the reason I’ve chosen to go this route instead of completing FE7Lex in the legacy LT engine is that I want to make it available for folks to mod as a base game. Thus, I want it to have access to the GUI editors from the new LT engine.


Yeah DK are my favs, but I cannot decide if scythe or sword, love them both. Anyways, animation will not happen any time soon, as you may know is a pain to do it frame per frame. but from that list, Witches and DKs are the ones I really want to see animated. Sure, when completed, would be F2U/E. But it will take several months. Any help is welcomed, tho.

Glad to hear that. Sure, I’ll stay tuned for any update.


Bandit Lord Edit

So yeah, I did a little edit if you don’t mind. I didn’t change much graphically, but I did move some colors around in the sprite. It helps it standout and differentiate certain parts of the body. I really took a liking to this design, especially since I could use it myself. One day I would like to try to animate it.
Right now I got a couple more animations I want to get done.


Of course I don’t mind. I’m actually glad you like it that much. It was the main purpose of sharing them. Feel free to edit it as you like


@arkth hey you are going to animate all those animations because it would be very spectacular for the repository


Some updates with more color from classics to Lex/Tactile

Isadora - Paladin (based on FE7 Official Art)
Lex_Paladin_Isadora - copia

Nino - Sage (modification from Greentea, RobertFPY work, based on FE Heroes Official Art)
Basically I just added armor, gloves and higher boots.
Lex_Sage_Nino - copia

Marisa - Blademaster (based on FE 0 cipher Official Art)
Marisa - copia

And an original class: The Tammer F and M
This one is 16 colors only.

As always, feel free to use, or edit them, as long as give credits. If you like to animate any of them, please DM me first (Not exactly for permission -they are all F2U/E-, I just want to know)


@Arkth these are awesome do you have a project with these?
i freakingly want a wolf riding unit

Some updates with more color from vanilla to Lex/Tactile

Pent - Sage (based on FE Heroes Official Art), vanilla for comparison
Unarmed-GenericBlue - copia
Character Palette Fire Emblem 7 Recolored.gba_88@59 pant_________010ED8A4

Hawkeye - Berserker (based on FE Heroes Official Art), vanilla for comparison
Unarmed-GenericBlue - copia - copia
Character Palette Fire Emblem 7 Recolored.gba_21@16 hawkeye______010ED474

Sonia - Sage (based on FE Heroes Official Art), FE7if work is the base of it. Vanilla for comparison
Unarmed-GenericBlue - copia - copia - copia
Character Palette Fire Emblem 7 Recolored.gba_85@56 sonia________010ED874