Are Vanilla FE8 Soundfonts viables?

There’s no aftermath for using Vanilla FE8 soundfonts with an imported midi? I ask because actually sounds really nice FE12 BaseConvo with FE8 Bonds Soundfont FE6 Player map 1 with FE8 Arena Entrance (Prologue FE4) SF and FE3 Book 2 Player Battle with FE8 Arena Battle (Gaiden Battle) SF

Please just use the Native Instrument Map. It basically gets you the best of both worlds; the cool FE8 instruments, in a setup that’s much easier to use.

I thinked it was the same but actually Native resemble more OG Midi than the FE8 Soundfonts. The Arena Entrance theme with Native is less GBAish than the Vanilla Soundfont version.

Really? All of the instruments from the arena entrance theme should be available in the NIMAP.

Nvm actually are just slightly different xD

I don’t know what you mean by “vanilla soundfont”. A soundfont is a file for use by a computer to play back midis and has nothing to do with GBA. What I think you mean is the voice tables in the vanilla rom, which were assembled to the rom by the GBA FE devs on a per-song basis. This means that which entry points to which sample differs per song: for example, instrument 60 in song 5 points to 0x028B404 whereas instrument 60 in song 3 points to 0x026CFD0.

What the native instrument map does is assign all of the pointers to many different table entries, instead of only some of them. For example, 0x028B404 and 0x026CFD0 are referenced by instruments 98 and 101 in the native instrument map, because 60 already uses 0x0287CC4. Since they all have different positions on the same table, you can use all three instruments in a song instead of being limited to one of them. This is done with the expectation that you will use this same instrument table for all of the music instead of using a different table per song.

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