Are these possible to do in the GBA engine?

I have thought of a few things i’d love to see in hacks, these are some of the stuff i’d think would be a nice addition to a nice hack or two

Weapon levels: Use a weapon and do a certain amount of dmg to level the weapon up. like say if a Iron Sword lvl 1 has 50 exp, you’d need to do 50 dmg and it would get say +1 dmg and +5 hit or something like that.

Stats: Perform certain actions to get more stats instead of leveling
Str/mag - Do a certain amount of dmg
skill - Land hits
speed - dodge hits
luck - skill + speed
def/res - tank a certain amount of dmg or amount of hits.
This idea I find interesting to see people balance if it was ever a thing.

Advanced Leveling: Expereience required to level is not a set 100 anymore, make it customizable 1 - 999 like it is in three houses kinda.
Instead of woking with class power levels, maybe do a max exp growth, could be fun.


I have no doubt all of these are “possible” in the GBA engine. The real question is what copious amounts of assembly will it take to overhaul the stat system and how to do that without breaking the game.

For that you’d need an answer from an asm wizard, or go learn it yourself. (there’s a really great tutorial somewhere around here, haven’t gotten to learning asm myself just yet so idk where.)

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