Are there any researches on the mine glich in FE7?

Are there any researches on the mine glich in FE7? Why it happnes? Any chance of a fix patch? Thanks in advance.

Option 1: Don’t use any mines
Option 2: Go the chaos mode route and just make every chapter have nothing or too much stuff worth mine glitching for so people can’t decide when to use it and thus fall prey to this effect.

Klok your comment doesn’t answer the question it’s literally a self promotion; you know better.

As far as I know, I don’t think that can be fixed unless someone were to re-create the damaging effect entirely(because the same glitch can be replicated with lava tiles, so it isn’t the mine that is the problem).


“Is there any research on this interesting thing”

“Just don’t cause interesting thing to happen”

y tho

Having researched making mines not do this myself and asking lots of people, my two options are the only options. Far as I know, even ASM won’t fix it since it’s a deep coded issue in the game. Of course, feel free to prove me wrong and that would be awesome since I love the idea of mines that don’t glitch the game, but I did spend a few weeks asking people about it so I’m 95% sure it’s not fixable.

it happens because the resume data gets fucked up and sends garbage to whatever function loads the current phase and is present in all the “action tiles” eg fire tiles and walls. It happens in FE8 as well even though mines are unused but the code for it exists.

It can be triggered in FE8 through by baiting an enemy onto an “Action Tile”; lava traps, a tile where a fallen snag used to be, a tile where a Gorgon Egg spawned, or a tile where a torch staff was cast, and resetting after the battle on the enemy phase before the enemy unit grays out (doesn’t work if you kill them).

yeah because action tiles are handled in this really weird way
basically it creates an array of function pointers and calls all of them, but suspending and resuming muddies up the data in the array so that code that transitions back to the enemy phase is literally skipped over

IS gets a D-


Suspend/Resume causes way too many problems. #IScode

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