Are there animations with guns (Area 51 project)

As the title says i plan on doing area 51 emblem, and i need real gun animations for soliders,
my idea is a 3 chapter game with these maps:
Ch 1: Big Geneology size map and the entrance of are 51 u control units all around the area, the goal is to sease the gate, enemies will have alot of balistas and fliers, but u will have alot if green units wiht no weapon, and all your units will be level 15.

Ch 2: You Stormed the area and got in now u need to find anime girls and the stand arow ( the only promotional item), some of your soliders found the way but u are blocked by soliders, after some time your soliders are runing up to u and they are chased by zombies and other monster, but they are joined by some anime girls that will help you.

Ch3: you go to the basement and fight the monsters whyle searching for the stand arow the soliders u fighted before are green units now and they are helping, after u get the arow u can promote 1 of your units and the ending and the final boss depends on who did u promote.

The items will have difrend names
Volnulary: Bath water
Holy water: Gamer girl pee
Power ring:Power of friendship
Boots:Fresh Nikes
If there is no animation with guns i will use normal animations, also this isent anything serius, its just some hack for fun

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I actually have 2 ( 1 pistols 1 ak47) but it’s not mine to share :joy:


too bad, i whould like ak47

Search fire emblem project z. Gun animations and kinda same plot. fe%20zombie-1


You could use and recolor my Samus animation for heavily armored guards

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Thanks dude!


This probably isn’t what you want to do, but I feel like storming area 51 would work well as an advance wars hack. (what with all the guns and machinery and factories)

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I assume someone will be supplying a naruto anim so we can have nardo runners?


It whould be cool, but sadly no

We need someone to make a map animation for Pikmin’s Ninja doing it.


Bro you got to have Shouzo Kaga as a boss

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Alien Guard dude!

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Forget guns.

We need animations with Naruto’s running-jutsu.
A new Day Z is coming in September.

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nah, people alredy told me what clases they want to be, the moust important thing to me are guns, i plan to mart everzones portrait with somthing like naruto runers will have leaf simbol, kyles will have monster drink in inventory, antivaxers will start poisened…

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he will be one of the prisoners, along with Tupac and bigy smals, and hitler

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The contents of this thread take me back to like 2004 romhacking… those were the days.


hey guyz it’s me captainawesome69 here with a bad-ass rom hacking… you will never get this - guns in the fire emblem??? i need some help from you awesome guys though i just need every class in the game using guns :slight_smile: to help out i already made the gun you just need to add it to their hands and animate it


Pik I will animate your request if you complete the ASM for me that upgrades FE8’s graphics to 3D models. Fair trade


can somebody explain what is happening here?