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Hey look, it’s a birb.

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hey look, it’s freezer burnt chicken.

you think the halbird would do x3 on Noelle?


Castle and Reflected Laughter have been updated with instrument fixes and decreased volume. Added Poison Battle (Pokemon Conquest.)

probably not, maybe a beast killer would be tho

New Update! It’s been a while. I’m no longer using VBA’s terrible built-in video recording for the new YouTube previews, instead just using an mp3 playing over a screenshot.

Also, three new songs! Some of these might necessitate DrumFix.


new things

edit: the version of gravity was old so i fixed that

Added three new songs, with a focus on non-VGM stuff


Alright, so turns out, the links were broken for a while. That motivated me to finally clean this dusty old thread up a bit. I’ve gotten rid of the Music/New Music split, cause it kinda just made the whole thing a little harder to navigate. Instead, I’ve re-alphabetized the selection by source (be it game, artist, etc), and divided all the music into three distinct categories:

  1. Regular old ports of stuff from other games. This is most of the stuff. There’s also some new material here!
    • Alt/Wapo Song (Drawn to Life)
    • Avatar Beat (OFF)
    • Eyes of Flame and Giant Robosa have also been updated, they were pretty old. The Eyes of Flame redux is also kinda old too at this point, it’s the version first used in Doubled or Nothing, but the Giant Robosa redux is something I made last month, so that’s exciting! Also, no, there’s no place to download the older versions. Just not happy with 'em anymore, sorry.
  2. Non-VGM. Nothin’ new here, but I figured the separation would be nice to have, especially I’m doing a lot more of this recently.
  3. FE7 Rearrangements and Remixes. Oddly specific, I know, but I made a ton of these for AUC (and a solid chunk just on my own time for no reason.) I also know that a lot of people like to put FE music in their FE hacks, so I figured someone might get some good use out of these. I think it’s got more flair than direct imports or NIMAP plug-and-play, anyway. There’s only four for now, but I’ll probably roll out the rest of what I made for AUC at some point.
    • Friendship and Adventure
    • Shadow Approaches
    • Softly With Grace
    • Within Sadness

Thanks for listening to my rambling, and I hope all the new stuff is useful! Both you and I like it when your hack sounds nice.


Alright, turns out discord and feu have beef or something, which results in the links breaking when I’m not looking. Now everything is in a Dropbox, which is linked in the main post. Have fun, drive safe, etc.

Oh, also, because I felt bad about all the technical issues, I put three more old MIDIs I had lying around in the Dropbox. Hope y’all enjoy.