Araknir's first sprites

Hey everyone!

I did my first full custom sprite one week ago, and I would like some feedback on it.

This character has a human face and a non human face.

I followed a bit of Ephraim’s model by drawing my character besides him (that’s why it looks the same for some parts) but I’ll eventually change it more when i’ll be better at it.

This is my second attempt, my first was really funny haha! And of course, when i did it, I copied every key steps to prevent destroying every progress i’ve made.(i even kept the first attempt to see the evolution) I just didn’t include it here to have a better view of the final sprite. (the .png where i’ve did all my work is really…wow xD)

If you have any advice for me, to understand better how to draw some body parts, etc…Please, tell me!

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Hi Arakir. And welcome to FEU.

Firstly, I’d like to suggest joining the FEU Discord server.
It’s the best place to get in touch with the regulars.
There is also a channel dedicated to graphics. :wink:

With that beeing said, let’s take a look on your sprite.
I’m not that good at giving critique but I’ll do my best to help you.

The first thing that meets the eye is the scythe. Right now it looks more like a big sickle/hook tbh.
The blade should be thick where it is attached to the hilt and become more and more thin towards the end. Also is it normally attached orthogonally to the hilt.
Something like this:

To your character:
Your sprite lack shading. It looks rather flat and twodimensional.
To make something flat appear threedimensional you need to decide where the source of light is and shade the object accordingly.

Thanks for your answer! Oh you’re right about the scythe, I’ll try to do my best to correct this mistake! It shouldn’t be too hard to do. (it’s true I didn’t think about searching a model for it…)

Oh shading is really hard to do, I’m going to see how could I correct it. But with your advice, I’m understanding it better than before already!

I’m going to correct these mistakes as soon as I have some times after my work! Thanks again!

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It looks fairly nice for a first attempt. I would quote about shading but nura already did. Good job.

I made this big dummy recently:
Feel free to reference the Scythe. There’s also this one from FE7IF
Those aside, I don’t think there’s any other Scythe wielding sprites.

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