Apocalypse port

Okay, first of all, I think introductions are in order. An year ago I discovered the fire emblem hacking community and I’ve sort of lurked around here, Serenes Forest and the reddit thread since. I’ve made this account today only so I can create this topic, so I’ll most probably not be very active outside of here.

So, with that out of the way, some of you might remember this topic: Import Apocalypse animation to FE7J. Unfortunately, to download the patch you need to make an account on Baidu, which isn’t possible if you don’t have a chinese phone number.

I’ve managed to obtain the file eventually through a roundabout way (which has been blocked recently) and decided to share it with everyone here. Don’t worry, I’ve tested it and it works.

Apocalypse for FE7

The patch only works for the japanese version of FE7 and only contains the animation, not the SFX. The Fire Tome is set to use this animation by default.

I’ve found out that you can rip Apocalypse’s sfx from FE6 (It’s 104, 105 and 106 in FE builder’s song table) and put it in the exact same place in FE7’s song table (those exact entries have empty tracks here, so it should be fine).

Now, my request for you all is porting this animation to english FE7 and maybe even FE8. I mean, if it is possible at all.


Why don’t you asking for help? We have many Chinese guys in this community and some of them are willing to help you. @MrGreen3339 or @Greentea are example.


… That’s literally what I posted this topic for.

Well, that and sharing the patch with you all.

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Bumping this because I still haven’t figured out how to port this.
@MrGreen3339 @Greentea @7743 ?

Do you want Apocalypse so much?

Please implement as Spell Animation, not porting in a program.
That is the most versatile way.

For porting in a program, you will use the Range Effect Table that is not used by the existing magic engine.
Since this porting is troublesome, I recommend that you implement it as Spell Animation.

Once, there is an existing one.


In this porting, the dots in the image are quite rough.
Replacing the data with something more clean would improve.
However, because it takes time, nobody does it…

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I’m sorry if that annoyed you, but yes, I do want the Aureola/Apocalypse/Forblaze animations to be usable between all 3 games.

Anyway, I think I understand what you mean. Instead of applying the file as a patch on the rom, I should implement it as a custom animation.

As for the file you’ve forwarded, I think I downloaded that version once from a link you posted in some thread (I can’t remember) which contained the 3 spell animations I mentioned earlier for FE8. I’m no artist, however, so I really doubt my ability to clean up the Apocalypse one.

Still, thank you for answering.

Apocalypse code is in this project. The patch doesn’t include sound but you can port all sounds from FE6 to FE7 with FEBuilderGBA.

If you want to port vanilla spell animations to all 3 games, you can work based on this project.
Complete spellAnimationApocalypse.c, select build target in eclipse and build.
It is an alternative to recreate the spell animation based on Xeld’s CSA engine as @7743 said above. The difference is that the animation will be totally the same as the original one if you port vanilla spell animation directly.

I was wondering about that as well, but unfortunately, @7743’s link is not working for me, and since I’m still kinda new to this, I don’t understand the spell thing that @MisakaMikoto posted above

Our uploader will increment the URL each time post.
Also, as it is customary to delete old files, learn how to find it yourself.

This porting picture is pretty rough.

The Tiki version is written for FE7J, so you have to port it yourself to work with FE8U.

I’m setting up the music file for it but it doesn’t seem to be working, @7743, do you any idea how I have to implement it into the game?

Fix the magic script yourself, or source the missing sound from where.
FEBuilderGBA has a function called “Import Song From Another ROM”.

This animation was not made by me.
Also, I have not used this.
So, it will be a problem even if asked by me.

Thanks so much, you sir are remarkable, maybe I can improve it, but I’m thankful that you can do this, I wonder about the other spells like Gleipnir, Naglfar, Ivaldi, Demon Surge, etc., but I am very thankful for your help nonetheless