Anyone got tips for making editing map palettes less of a slog?

So, when I make portraits, with the power of Photoshop, it is insanely easy for me to recolor things in a way that hacking tools for FE will gladly accept.

Map palettes…are another story. I have to manually change each color by their three numerical values at the same time I can barely tell which color is which on the actual tileset. Additionally, in the specific one I’m trying to change right now (could be all of em idk) there are five sets of 16 colors each to have to do this for. Chances are, I’m going to have to change every map palette in the game.

Since I’m approaching this not at all used to such a dauntingly tedious task, do people with more experience have some advice for recoloring these?

I use FEBuilder, and I edit the palettes straight out of the box with the previews it gives. It does take a bit of time like everything else though I think with the color selector it has things are much easier in retrospect.