Any way to make a .wav sample usable as Map Music?

Been asking a lot of questions but this a simple one.

Is it possible to make wav files function for map music, as in that the game sucessfully resumes the audio after returning from a bttle scene?

From what I can tell the issue here is the Game probably not being able to save the current place in the song and pick it up since wav is so different from the usual GBA music system, so I assume it’s not possible and wav is only usable for everything else.

Or is there a way and I’m missing something? (the BGM kill does for sure not stem from a bad animation/wrong priority/missing loop) (file sizes etc also also not an issue for me in this case, i only use one or two short wavs, in case anyone is concerned)

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Sadly, no. You need a MIDI file and the conversion from wav to midi rarely goes well.

Try searching for midi in your preferred search engine, if it’s popular maybe someone made it.

Oh, you want o have music play as BGM and during battle?
There’s a patch for that.

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You can convert a .wav into a sample, although:
1.) it needs to be downsampled to somewhere around 8000Hz and 8 bits
2.) it needs to be inserted, with instrument data appended (sample freq adjustments, start/end/repeat points)
3.) This will either play as a sound effect or you need to make a midi → .s file that plays the newly created sample.

edit: reading through your post more, the game can’t resume at the same point after battle because you are literally playing one long sample, and I think the game only saves the “line” of the .s file it was playing (which would be the beginning of your sample)

Edit2: Only workaround I can think of that doesn’t involve transcribing a midi from scratch is splitting the wav file into multiple ~second-long samples, then making a file that plays each sample in sequence

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Ah I see with the patch, so the problem is indeed real, that’s unfortunate.
What I wanted it for it to play as Map-BGM yeah, but since it restarts its kind of unfortunate. Might use it for events or battle…
Since I am not capable of arranging MIDIs myself i guess I’ll have to scrap a few tracks as the MIDIs don’t exist.

EDIT: Well actually there is a funny workaround I just noticed, by applying the “Battle BGM per Chapter” an “Map BGM Continues” Patches together, if you set the battle BGM to 0/the map bgm it will play the wav file without interrupting. So it works… kinda. For stuff like Final Maps I guess.

I won’t be much help on the WAV front, but you can download a DAW to work with MIDI files (Anvil Studio is a pretty good free one I’ve been using), can load in MIDIs others have made and play with the notes instruments, and all that. If you want to make a non looping track loop, it’s easy to do as well.

The patch for Map/Battle music works fine, so if you can find a MIDI of whatever you want to use; it should be relatively easy to implement.

Thanks for trying to help!

I’ve already prepped, edited and inserted about 30 “own” MIDIs, so I already know most stuff in that aspect. My only real issue is that the one, last specific track that had no MIDI avaible online so it was wav or nothing haha
Seems I’m done with Music finally