Any super cool, not super plot relevant bosses you know of?

Lady :
“The forces of Caelin are led by General Eagler. He’s an honest man who has always treated us well. A good general. He must be aware of Lundgren’s evil plans to seize control of Caelin. I can only believe Lundgren’s holding someone dear to him as hostage. It’s so sad, but there’s nothing anyone can do. Why must so many innocents get hurt in the foolish games of nobles?”

The house on Chapter 9 also suggests that Eagler was threatened with a hostage. Again it’s not a direct statement from the man himself but with these 2 sources combined it’s about as clear-cut as a prime piece of mutton.


Candace is unique because not only is she a capturable boss in Fates, but she can’t reclass since she has a unique model. Like Nichol, she has a critical portrait and was listed to support Corrin.
Also look at that smile.
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Robarts FE6: Just his existence honestly makes me like him, he appears specifically on the A route after a set amount of turns only on hard. Showing up with no dialog and any reason for him to even actually have a portrait. It gives me so many questions about his existence and I love it.

also I like his portrait-
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FE7 catching strays