Another aspiring FE fangame dev says hi

Hi everyone, I’m Nef!

I’ve been a huge fan of Fire Emblem since Shadow Dragon on the DS and have long had vague dreams of making my own Fire Emblem-esque game. Since I am a writer and artist first and foremost (knowing nothing about coding), I didn’t really think it was possible for a long time, but technology has advanced and here I am.

I think I’m coming from a slightly different angle than a lot of people who make hacks, because aside from FE I also love otome games, and my main goal is to make a game which focuses more on the romance aspects introduced in more recent entries. I finished my first game, a pure VN, earlier this year and while it’s still undeniably ambitious I think I’m ready to tackle a bigger project like this.

So yeah, main focal points of my game would be:

  • Set in a world of humans, angels and demons with unique lore and new classes.
  • Somewhat FE4 inspired storyline. Our lord has holy blood and this makes various factions interested in killing her, protecting her or winning her over to their side. No side is entirely good or evil.
  • The gameplay is there to serve the narrative rather than the other way around. Gameplay choices will affect the narrative. Characters will have their own gaiden chapters if their support is maxed.
  • Romance is a central theme! The game will eventually split into different routes depending on which of three factions you side with / suitor you choose.

I’ve just recently started figuring out Lex Talionis to make my idea a reality but hopefully once I have more to show I can share it here! (I was going to show a portrait I made but it seems I’m not allowed to upload media yet, oops!)


Eyyyyy another LT user! Welcome!! Idk if you’re on the LT-maker discord yet, but you should totally get on there if you need any help with developing your game!


Hello Nef :wave:

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Awesome idea! I’m a fan of thise generational games myself too so.itll be neat to see this!

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I have joined! It’s been a very welcoming and pleasant place so far

Also lifehack, I just put the finished portrait as my icon hehe

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Hello fellow newbie! Glad to have you, and exciting to hear about people tackling projects with new or unique angles! Best of luck with your project!

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First up sorry i was gona be the first to post welcome comment but it went into draft and i didnt notice till now anyways
Welcome nefferinthia hope you enjoy the company of all and have a quility time here

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