Animator Wanted!

Hey talented Fire Emblem hackers! I need a quick favor. You see, I suck monumentally at all things related to the animation of sprites, but I want an awakening style war-monk in my project. Pikmin1211 made me a set of sprites to use, because he’s the best, but again, I can’t animate to save my life. So I guess what I’m saying is, I want someone to do it for me! You would be working with a set of pre-made sprites (complete with palette), and there is no deadline. I will certainly pay, as I understand that this isn’t exactly light-work, but also if you just wanted to do it out of the goodness of your heart, I wouldn’t complain. Reply to this thread or message me directly if you have any questions or are interested in doing it! Thanks in advance, and have a lovely rest of your day!

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These are the sprites, by the way. Figured I should probably include these so you know what you might be working with, right?

Is there an offer of money on the table? Spriting is hard work. Animating moreso. I’m no artist in the slightest, but I generally offer money so that people have reason to pursue making an animation for me.

In this community, all the artists know each other. Most won’t animate that sprite for you unless they have Pikmin’s okay. Even if they have his okay… it’s still a lot of work. People are going to want to know what project you’ll be using it for. You’re basically asking for 5 full animations, so people will want to know if you have a project it’s going to be in, etc.


Of course there is an offer of money, I think I said this in the big description, but clearly I did it poorly, so as a matter of fact, yes, I am offering money. I don’t know how much. It depends on how much work they choose to put it. For instance, if somebody just throws some frames together in a day and they aren’t as smooth or aesthetic as they could be, they would not receive as much as someone who puts their best effort in. I’m not expecting the former to happen, since everybody here seems to take their work seriously, but I don’t know how much to pay at the moment. But it will be enough, I promise that much.

As for permission, Pik said it could be edited and he didn’t want to animate it or use it for anything, so it would be okay with him if someone else did it, but I can ask him to say that here too if it helps any.

I am working on a project by myself at the moment, but I have no intention of announcing that project at the time. This animation would go in that, but it’s more about getting one out to the community, I suppose. People are more concerned with their own projects, and since nobody really wants to use this class at the moment, the only way it’s gonna get done is if I ask somebody to do it, I guess. Like, it won’t just get made like other animations in the repository, if that makes sense.

I’m dumb, haha. I read through and glossed right over that line.

Personally, I would pay $50 for a good animation, $100 if it was, say, BwdYeti’s level. It’s not that I think a spriter doesn’t deserve more, but that the amount I’m willing to pay for a hobby and my available money constrain me. Were I a rich man I’d certainly pay more, but for a hobbyist community I feel like $50-100 is a pretty decent range. That’s what I’ve historically paid for work from a few spriters.

Like, it won’t just get made like other animations in the repository, if that makes sense.

Also, you would be surprised!

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I’m a college student, so $50 is probably the best I can do and still be able to like, eat and stuff. so probably that much, I guess