I have a question for you guys? I wish to make some animations because of some new classes in my hack. How do you create animations? And can someone give me the steps on how to? thx

Hence my name…I am a noob when it comes to creating animations… :frowning:

I use a Fire Alpaca to create my own. For map Animations, overlay your animations over an existing sheet. I’m not quite sure how to format battle animations yet

Im not worried about the maps QUITE yet. For now, I’m working on the story of the game, but thx anyway

For battle animations, there is a massive folder of user made animations here: Animation Directory (Finished products ONLY)

Although Im not working on the story…I want to know how to make animations. Help?

What specific animations?

I wish to create fresh animations…so i need help on how to create them

Battle animations are the hardest. I’d start with other things. Map sprites are the easiest, but if you need something tangible, then go with portraits

Read this. Specifically chapters 56-59. Battle animations still work the same with more modern tools.

I was just going to link him that >>>>>>>>>: (

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Like. Maximum bummer, dude. Be faster next time