Animation problem (Solved)

for some of my animations this weird graphic glitch happens, for the hoodless shaman animation whenever the magic animation starts it does this:

and with the cavalier’s sword animation does this:

For the Cavalier, it’s a glitch with the FEditor IIRC (Or the Event Assembler, I don’t remember), to fix that you have to dump the animation from a clean ROM and insert it again.

For the hoodless Shaman, that animation was made to be inserted in the same slot as the regular Shaman.

I can’t import the sprite:

I keep getting this error

You have to inert them on a new index.

I remember that inserting a class animation directly by FEA messes up the next animation sometimes.

Yeah, it does that, you have to insert them several times to make them work properly.

I guess that is because some data of the next animation are overwritten.

Some animations share sprite sheets and scripts, that’s why they are overwritter if you change one.

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As for the shamon animation, it may be caused by the loop command.

when I try inserting it again I get this

Because you’re trying to make multiple actions at the same time, or you modified the ROM with other program.
Open the ROM with FEditor, save and close without making any changes. Open again, expand the animation index and insert the animation on the new index and the save.

so do I need to put the animations somewhere else then where they normally are, cause i tried to put them back there, and the same thing happened
edit: never mind, decided to do that and it worked, but do you think I could find a way to make the hoodless shaman to a custom animation, like guys?

Here’s a way to fix it:

I cant find the stuff I need to change to fix it

For the Cavalier, you have to dump the pic from a clean rom by GBA Graphics Editor to and insert it.

thanks, but already solved that

could you show me what Im supposed to do, cause when I try to follow what it’s doing it doesn’t help