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inb4 the standard becomes: Release each hack in both English and Japanese.


Ermm you guys do know, that greentea and red bean are Chinese not Japanese, yes? xD


Hello ! I’ve been using the repository since some while, but I have a few problems/questions… I hope one of you will be able to help me (I also hope it is the right place to ask) :

-For some reason, ever since I changed FE8’s male assassin’s sprite for Legault’s, the game crashes every time an assassin attack / is attacked. Does anyone have the same problem ? (Also, is it normal that the “disarmed” sprite still shows the character with a sword in his hands ?)

-I saw someone having the same problem as me with Armored Brigands (The handaxe animation freezing the game), but when I fixed it as recommended, said character’s animation became a normal brigand’s, without any special palette. How and why ? Can someone please help me ?

-Has anyone made a female pirate yet ? If I remember correctly, every infantry class has a male/female counterpart, except this one. And I have a character in my hack that would make a perfect female pirate !

Other than that, you are all so, so talented with those tiny, little sprites… Everything I see here amaze me !


Oops. I was not aware. I just went with what Klok said (haven’t been following the posts here).

My bad though.


It’s just great to see collaborations between people to see what greatness everyone can create.


So after doing nothing for years I am trying to finish everything I started, which is taking much longer than I thought. But I have completed a few things.

I finished the skeleton gaiden cantor animation and the T2 Amelia animation

I basically just took the gaiden sprite and added the sacred stones skeleton head but I like how it turned out.

Just a reskin of the F Halberdier animation to look like an Amelia sprite I made a couple years ago.

Credit: The Blind Archer for the Halberdier and Black Mage, Temp, and 2WB for the F Halberdier


These anims are all available for free use with crebit right?


yes (Post must be at least five characters)


Thanks for the response! (Post has at least 5 characters)


There is an issue with the Non-Sacaen Nomad link, it links to the Axe Wyvern Lord. (even though the Non-Sacaen Nomad is already in Klok’s Animation Repository, it’s just a link error)


Ross Berserker:

Credit: @Waleed and @Maiser6 for Skinnyzerker animation.


Naisu but if you can pls make Warross :grin:


I’ll try to :sweat_smile:



Do you realized that your male trainee animations just saved my project? I can’t help but thank you. Thank you so much. Hero of the Day.


So, let’s say you are going to use a Berserker, right?

Yeah, no. That’s too choppy/10.

You’d rather go for a Hawkzerker, yes.

This is a better choice, though, but… have you ever considered…

Turning that dwarf from FE8, who has a custom animation in a japanese hack, into a generic berserker?

Because that’s what I have done in my free time. I present you…

The Dozlazerker!

While most of his frames are based on Kenpuhu and Aruku’s Dozla Berserker, the crits and return are custom, for sure. Credits to these japanese artists for inspiring me to make Yet Another Betterzerker :tm:

Download here!


Any chance we could see a sword animation with the new berserker?


For sure.


psh, when theres a femhawkzerker, then youll have my attention.


Not calling it Dozerker?


How about Vapozerker?