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Sweet! Added to the WIP repo.


Can someome please upload the Kent and Sain animations Cavalier/Paladin made by @Greentea


Have those even been released? I don’t have them.


No, they haven’t. Aren’t scripted yet. At least not to my knowledge.


I’m going to make script for this.I’ll upload when I finished it.


I don’t mean to sound self promotional or beggy or anything but I also have a lot of stills, many of which need animating. Please let me know if you’re interested in doing any. (@ everyone not just rob lol)


After so much procrastination (ew) and dealing with life as well (double ew), I’m proud to bring you…

Updated Archers! Recoloreable, and available for female and male units, in 8 versions each! The males actually have 10 but shhh

Download here!


Kent Cavalier:

Kent Paladin:

Saint Cavalier:

Saint Paladin:


Thanks alot for these awesome animations.


Heath Dragon Lord:

Rebecca Sniper:


My first attempt at making an animation.
I hope you guys like it. :slightly_smiling_face:



Recruit (M) :


Waleed, these look pretty good.


Farina Falco:

Fiora Falco:

Florina Falco:


Journeyman with Sword:


How is this different from your squire?


The squire have pants and the palette is more of the journeyman


Here is Red Bean and finally I finished Wayu’s movement this week.

It’s free to use.


Here you come,pal.This is my good buddy, Red bean.:grin:@282190


It’s really cool seeing all you Chinese spriters come over and post! Feels like the English and Chinese communities are merging!