Animation Directory (Finished products ONLY)


Where did u find the other ones because the dart, and fargus ones are made by greenta which he is part of the chinesse community.


This man, I wonder if he’s greentea, because he updated them 2 years ago


I really dont know. I have only been to the website he was last on once. I know all of his stuff is free to use, but you can never be sure nowadays.

Speaking of animations, here is this


Oh,yeah. That’s him.


Nice, but where is the link?


I wonder how about them?


These too were on that site?


I found them in all of hacks in china.


I’ve only made a magic animation for Roy, which I don’t see a gif of? You may be mistaken on that.


I made the female mercenary with axe animation. Am I credited on the site you found them on?


The lancer is from my hack and it’s not available for public use.


Which lancer? He posted a bunch of anims.


OH, Chinese is stealing so much animation from our hack. So I didn’t know if it’s in your hack, sr man.


The redhead, the only one using a lance.

Don’t worry, Chineses stealing assets is not a surprise.


Joke is on them with my female mercenary with axe because it is still incomplete(I still need to polish and smoothen it out, especially the criticals)! :upside_down_face:

I do plan to release it to the repository when I finish polishing it, so as long as they provide credit, then there is really little someone such as myself could do.


Most of this stuff is amazing. Thanks for sharing, please post more.
This way we can also pinpoint which animations were (unfortunately) stolen.


@RobertFPY you should post more of those animation you found. Maybe we can make clear who is the real author and give their name on credit of our project.




I am almost positive that eliwood edit was made by the english community. It was made for elibian nights for a matter of fact.

The kent and sain animations was made by greenta. I’ve never seen the rest or dont know who made them.