Animation Directory (Finished products ONLY)


I think you meant to post that in my repo topic. I checked, and you’re correct! Fixed it in my WIP repo.


You are correct! This is what I get for having both of them open at once lol.


Is there a Valk with sword animations? Or not yet?


There’s a Mage Knight, but no Valkyrie. Wouldn’t be too hard to adapt though, if you feel up to it


I’d also love a sword valk


Odd no one has gone that far yet considering Trouba w/sword is done.

Hmmmm… Me taking the mantle of doing it? Heh not sure about that, never done animations.

Is there a step by step process of this? Haha


That’s what I did. They look funny.
I made two kinds. Please feel free to use them. They are ugly.


I moved FC to GBA.


I see those things on Fire Emblem Chinese Community one. Are you sure that you are the one making them?


ok ok, I believe you man


now that’s exiting xD


I saw some animation made by Chinese player, can tell you that worth waiting for. Not only those dragons you just see, there is also Lyn on Horse back like Brave Lyn of FEH


I’m always wondering where do you find them. I do search for new animations quite regularly, but I always fail too find some like these.


Chinese FE’s private community, I got friend there, he sometime shows me animation shared in that community


Woah, interesting animations there. It looks awesome!

I take it that the second animation of the dragon looks that of FE DS style?

It does make me very curious what crazy sort of animations are shared in the other FE community


Hey my friend you can post the animation you find in is forum with the permision of the author


that is the problem, I don’t know who is the author. My friend just screenshots those animation for me, so I just have only one frame only, not full animation. Beside, because it is a screenshot, I don’t have permission to share it


Some of them:


Do u mean that those are some of the Chinese animations? I recognize a couple of them. The roy one was made by pikmin.


Oh, maybe it’s not.