Animation Directory (Finished products ONLY)


Off the top of my head there was the mounted bandit, the male troudabour set and the zombie recolor.


Yeah, I already have them on SF so no loss there thankfully.


folder w:
“AxeRider” (mounted bandit), “Scream” (presumably with scream on crit)
“Entombed and Revenant Fix”


Mauthe Doog & Gwyllgi Fix

I’ll also put my Entombed/Revenant fix back in the main post in a moment


I had all of those sans the zombies but
obviously i am too late


Why in the world isn’t this awesomeness here

FE6 Mamkute in FE8 is missing too:


Because Eldritch Abomination doesn’t have an account on FEU. Seriously, someone should bring all the SF animations here.


RIP never finished klok SF animation topic port.


My animations are missing, the DracoZombie and Enemy Manakete for FE7 u.u


Finished the Bow animation for the maelduin edit.

Added it to the main post in a master file that contains the axe ones and the scream critical that got lost last week.


Hmm… I didn’t save those two it looks like; do you have it backed up somewhere on your computer?


Have em here, by the way, you did a great tutorial on Compressed Palletes :slight_smile:


Enemy Mamkute


That’s incredible, Spud! :smiley: Thanks for it!


NOW I can add this.


You know, it just came to me that Brigands would lose their mountain climbing if they promoted into a mounted class.


I guess they could have the same movement as nomad troopers and rangers where they are better at moving through forests and stuff.


or they could ride mountain goats



Or maybe they could still be the only mountain climbing mounted–

[quote=“Alusq, post:263, topic:457, full:true”]
or they could ride mountain goats
[/quote] :open_mouth:


I shouldn’t have to ask but, he does a brigand scream when he crits with the bow, right?


Ha, not at the moment. I just did a straight clone of the maelduin script, I just wanted to finish it quickly.
But it seems popular demand might make me add it.
Looks like I might need to learn how to draw goats too, lol