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We’ve been using the Non-Sacaen Nomad and FE8 Ranger for Awful Emblem and I’m not sure if we’re going to change that but I’m curious, is there a Male Bow Cavalier/Paladin to go with that Female set?


Feel free to, and thanks!

Sorry, I’ve only made a female version of the Bow cavalier/paladin, since TQL (the hack I made this for) only has females joining in those classes.

But if I get some free time soon I could have a go at making male versions


I made a mounted dark magic user.
It has Magic + Staves.
I call it the Dark Knight

** Map Sprite Included **

I plan to make a female version later on


Mage Knight with Lances


Teraspark is the GOAT


wowow cool stuff


I finished the female Dark Knight and added generic palettes

The female dark knight is packaged together with the male version.


I like the red on that generic palette. Silky smooth.


I actually like this Dark Knight more than the one I requested to be made. Any video of it in action?

plz, bae


Just made a video for it

apparently youtubes links dont work here…


:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Actually yeah, it’s kinda better.


Are there going to be swords for the Dark Knight?


You know, Now that I look at it in action, it lacks a bit of a flare; it’s just a reskin of the mage knight. I’d recommend maybe adding something like the shaman’s rune on the crit?


I love the critical animation!
I’d add a sound effect to the rune in the normal attack, though.


The sound effects in there already were supposed to be for the rune.
The first one was building up magic and the second was unleashing it for the spell.
None of the magic SFX commands i tried really fit in the animation so i had to go with the wing flapping noise
It felt like a stupid idea, but worked better than i thought it would


What was the sound effect used for Arch’s imported Mage Knight or Erk in EN? I think it was the Archesage … flash??? sound? try that maybe


N-no h-hard feelings senpai :frowning:

I mean I like yours, and tbh I like the idea of it being armored, but this one also looks pretty cool too. Maybe a new type of mounted magic user?


Here’s something I would’ve released way back in November if hadn’t forgotten about it.

This is a revision to the Berserker’s palette. The two differences are:

  1. The horns aren’t skin coloured, so that you can make a dark-skinned (or any colour, actually) Berserker without having to mess up the horns.
  2. It’s completely compatible with the Warrior’s palette, so you can make Army palettes more easily.

Report to me any problems immediately please.



Apparently I never submitted this long ago. I have a very minor modification for the Troubadour class.

Troubadour with Long Hair:

Click here for download

Our Troubadour has long hair and doesn’t have any headgear so I made a quick animation for it. Feel free to use it, credit goes to me I guess, even though it’s such a minor thing.


Oops I forgot the FERecolor files.
.dat File

(Place the png in the “battle_sprites” folder and the .dat file in “data” -> “sprites”)