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Now we need map sprites for the improved soldiers. Feels wrong for them to use the basic axe-bait sprites.


They’ve been included with the animation since day one and are in standalone form on the map sprite repo thread.


Ah my bad, I totally missed them.


From whomstever brought you the FEDS Thief, now a knife thrower!
Yours truly, DerTheVaporeon.



Fix for the Bow Paladin animation: Download

And then, I post General w7Magic.

Download this beauty


hello i sent is message for someone can helpme someone can dowloand
all the new animations on is forum and post

here fixed for can be dowload

Please help


So is there any kind of custom animation for the Triangle Attack. I mean we have already got Triangle Attack with Pegasus Knights and Generals, but is there any change we got some for any other classes? Three Paladins for example.


Because of Reasons™, I ended up making a bigger, buff-er priest.

One is just a regular priest,

while the other is an attempt at a more Moulder-esque head.

I guess someone might find it amusing.


Fuck yes. Buff Moulder. I needed this in my life.

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Sup guys.
Since I never submitted any of my animations here, I’d like to catch up in that regard.

[details=Marshall Zelgius]

Credt: Nuramon and Luerock (I referenced Alondite from the BK animation)

The package contains 3 animations (sword, unarmed and Alondite), map sprites and a mug. Also please read the readme :wink: [/details]

[details=Sniper edit]
Credit: Nuramon, Swain, Temp, Wan

  • male
  • male generic (also credit to Swain)
  • female
  • Rebecca (also credit to Temp and Wan)

[details=General w/ shield]

Comes with animations for Spear, Axe (normal and swing), Handaxe, Sword, Magic and unarmed

  • Nuramon: Sword, Spear, Axe, Handaxe, unarmed, Magic
  • The Blind Archer: Axe swing
  • DerTheVaporeon: Magic

[details=FE10 armored knight]


  • Nuramon
  • Iscaneus on DeviantArt for the battle sprites (and the permission to animate them xD)

Comes with animations for Spear, Axe, Handaxe, Sword, Bow and unarmed
New map sprites are included as well!

[details=Grand Paladin]

One of the animations from the yggdra Patch for FE8.
I added the missing weapon types (Axe, Handaxe and Bow) and the unarmed anim.


  • Aruku and Kenpuhu for the original animations (Spear and Sword)
  • Nuramon:
    • repalette (separated the armor colours from the horse ones)
    • new animations (Axe, Handaxe, Bow and unarmed)

[details=Sage!Lute w/ long hair]
Also from the yggrda patch.
I gave her some extensions xD


  • Aruku and Kenpuhu for the original animation
  • Nuramon

[details=FE10 Black Dragon]

Credit: Nuramon

Greentea's animation

The folloing animations were made by @Greentea
I only wrote the scripts for these




Finally I want to show you my most recent animation.

[details=The Harbinger]

The goal was to make the hector great lord even more badass which was (according to quite a few people here on FEU) a success. xD

Credit: Nuramon, Linkain Arakeist (for the magical orb)

Comes with animations for Axe, Handaxe, Sword, Magic and unarmed

And that concludes my portfolio of custom battle animations. :wink:
… at least until now xD

kind regads


OMG Look at this, man you help me out alot. Now I can make Hector promote into class 3


All right, I’m putting this here too. If you liked the buff priest a couple of posts up…

...this is to go even further beyond!

Download it here! I haven’t tested it much, but given this works for dancers, it should be fine (though will probably break the game if you give the class actual weapons!)

Note, however, that this was specifically made for and works with Moulder’s palette, because the cloth colour also work as skin shading, so any other palette may look

pretty bad. (Though you could work around this if you really want to, because the priest class has like three unused colours.)


(couldn’t you do this then upload it? :3)


I could, yes.

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This is amazing, I laughed out loud at work when I saw this (a very quite office.) A must add.


I need Your super Ephraim in Feditor Format…or can you at least explain me what should i do to the text file? I cant seem to get it working, it always overflows the oam

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normally u only need to delete “#” and all comments after it when importing to FEEditorAdv.
Altought I gotta admit I’ve only tested it via FEBuilder and it just barely don’t exceed the OAM limit. So I’d recommend trying out FEBuilder since it is superior to FEditor to my knowledge.


One problem is that Buildfiles require the extensionless file that FEditor generates when running a script. When I go to insert something, I’ve often had to convert these newer animations that were made with FEBuilder and sometimes run into issues. That may be the problem marlon is experiencing.


Spent all day doing this. (~4 or 5 hours)
Have a Bow Griffon a la SoA Arbalist.
Credit to: BlueDruid, Princess Kilvas, and Nuramon


hmm I didn’t know that Buildfiles require these.
Since FEditor is unable to handle the animation because of the OAM, the only option I can offer is to export it via FEBuilder.
It seems to work for me.