Animation assembler

Hello there~
I’m trying to insert the animation i made for the protagonist in my project. I had it work in the past with FEdeaditor but now I get that error from the ROM buildfile’s message :

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Events end at offset 0xD98ED0
World map events end at offset 0xD9906C
Used free space ends at 0xD9906C

183 errors encountered:
File Ombe Installer.event, Line 17, Column 2: Symbol Anim_Ombe_Sheet_1 isn’t in scope

The animation installer uses the same name (Anim_Ombe_Sheet_Number) But EA doesn’t seem to recognize it…

Could you help me please? =)

The name might be too long for EA to properly process; but if that isn’t it then I’ve got nothing

Yeah. I’ill try, but I doubt it to be the reason. Since it’s the AnimAssembler that generates all that in the .event file.