An introduction to your local Kamen Rider

Hey y’all. My name’s Davi, but you can call me Grease. I’ve been a FE fan since 2014, but my first game was actually Sacred Stones. I’ve been lurking for a while but I decided to make an account to post whatever I can to help the community.

Aside from being a huge Fire Emblem fan, I’m also a huge fan of Tokusatsu (Power Rangers being a big but worse example of what Tokusatsu is), my favorite series being Kamen Rider, with my favorite season being Build.

I also like MegaTen/Persona, JoJo and One Piece.

I’ve been trying to make a fan game in Lex Talionis for a while now, but I’ve been having a rough time making everything on my own so it’ll be sometime until I post anything about it.

Still, I hope we can become friends and I’ll do my best to contribute to this great community.

Have a good day :+1:


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