Amusing Splicepocalypse Creations

12/21/2017. TheFlyingMinotaur on Reddit creates a tool that will make it easier for people to create splices.
You’re hearing me right. A splicing machine.

Could this be gradual signs towards 20XX?

I made this thread because FEU’s discord got too cluttered with these splices.
Post your funny ones you made.

Here’s a good one.



I want that this tool will support portrait image sheets.
It is a sheet containing eye blinks, mouth, map image.

I think that it will be a practical tool if eye and mouth are supported.

Since problems of more than 16 colors can be solved technically by improving importers,
I want this tool to handle portrait image sheets.

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I actually talked with the guy on reddit, and he said he’d try to add the option when he got the mouth and eye frames ripped out from the sprites.

So yeah, hopefully soon.

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To make it possible to import it,
I would like to prepare an option that can cleanly import Portrait images exceeding 16 colors in FEBuilderGBA.

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fucking automation, hey?

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I’m scared now.

idk if this is amusing but they’re not awful
just not great

On the FEBuilderGBA side, it was possible to implement full-color portrait image color reduction processing.
After that, it should work if the tool side is modified to create a portrait image sheet.

I use an algorithm that reduces colors in parts such as eyes and mouths and then combines them at the end, so even though there is noise due to color reduction, animation such as eye blinks will work well.

I challenge anybody to top these three.

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game’s on, ya blockhead

Who are you calling idiot?


This is beautiful.

i can splice myrrh better smh

can you handle the wait

I’d tap that.

I have the higher ground, since mine’s insertable. (Quite decent too!)

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@CM9 I see what you are doing! Instead of calling you out, I shall accept your challenge! Bring it on!

Every day we drift further away from the Spriter God’s light.