Am I doing this right?

So I’ve been dabbling in FEGBA music hacking for a little bit and I have a finished product but I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to improve it

I used FE7’s native instrument map


I’m not the best when it comes to the specifics, but at times it’s like you have too many instruments at the same volume, so it sounds like they’re fighting with each other instead of meshing.
As for the accuracy, some of the instruments you used aren’t exactly right, but that’s just something you’d have to compare with the original to fix.

It doesn’t seem that bad to me though.

that sounds incredibly familiar and i can’t place where i’ve heard it

is that zelda music

it’s this

I’m not really going for an exact match, just what sounds best with FE7’s instruments which are limited and finnicky

I just love this. Great song, sounds better than expected in FEGBA sound formatting.

Someone should make like a program that we can insert midis into and assign FEGBA instruments to each track. That’d be ballin.

there is a program like that it’s called zahlman’s song editor

zahlman’s song editor is super outdated

mid2gba or sappy are better at it

you should go for the exact match or don’t use the song

nothing to see here, just taking a walk~

Nahhh then I’d have to import samples which I dunno how to do
Also making it sound more FE is better than just having the same exact song imo since y’know it’s an fe game

Why would you still use that thing.

You don’t need to ‘import samples’ with Mida2GBA or Sappy at all unless you want to. As long as you point it at the instrument map it will use the FE7 instrument corresponding with the MIDI setting. After setting up the MIDI (7 tracks/samples, all the fun stuff covered elsewhere), running it through MIDI2GBA and inserting it with Sappy takes all of five seconds.

For the love of cheese, Brendor, you need to kick this habit of talking about stuff without fully understanding it.

With Agro’s help, I made another song. Well not so much “made” as found the midi online and edited it. I think it came out pretty good :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t know what happened to those last two seconds. YouTube is weird.


It’s simple, but this one fits quite well with FE instruments. Pretty good.