Alright, maybe I should make one of these

Hello. I’m PlatinumSkink. Once upon a time, I made a Fire Emblem roleplay. I based it on Magvel, created a whole cast of characters, had so many things planned…

Then the roleplay crashed and burned, as play-by-post roleplays sometimes do. Still, here I was, left with a whole extensive adventure planned and nothing to do with it.

In my spare time, I made characters to replace the player characters, and wrote descriptions of chapters, even made little pictures in photo-editing software to indicate troop-positions. Like this one.



Alas, that was three years ago, and while I had a prepared Fire Emblem story and a lot of chapters, I didn’t actually have a way to make this real. I was NOT going to get into hacking, too complicated, hah. So, I let it lie, still proud of my own personal achievement.

Until I found out FEBuilder existed from a random comment on the Fire Emblem subreddit.

So here I am, trying to create that story I wrote numerous years ago. Will I succeed? Maybe. Probably not. We’ll see how long my inspiration lasts. I’m done with the prologue. Dialogue takes a long time to write, huh. Not to mention, I have zero experience balancing a Fire Emblem game. Who knows how it’ll go?

Anyways. Hello. Thank you for reading if you got this far. I’ll see you around?


Welcome! What you describe sounds eerily similar to my own experiences planning out my own game, Sanctaea Chronicles, in its early days. I wish you the best of luck finishing your project.

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I hope you finish your project. If you have any question ask without fear! :3.

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I hope you have fun working on the project. Good luck with it! Start small, imo, and expand as needed.

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How does one start small when one is inspired to work on this moderately huge project?


Wish I knew. I started a gigantic project, so clearly I’m not fit for knowing how to start small :sweat_smile:

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One chapter at a time? :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly don’t really have any advice for starting small since I’m doing a rather large project myself. But with a larger undertaking, something that works for me is writing dialogue outside of FEBuilder and just pasting it in when you’re editing the text for the events. Can potentially save you headache if you happen to say accidentally close the text editor window after writing a whole conversation without writing it to the ROM. Speaking from experience >.>

Hope you stay inspired long enough to complete it, and try not to get burnt out! Cheers!

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I like it when project threads focus on what they have, rather than what they’d like to maybe eventually do given the time and resources. Just my own preference, though

@File2ish you might be interested in the AutoNewLine patch which automates the spacing of your text. Might save you time

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My current idea of “keeping it small” is to not make any maps myself, just using vanilla maps and adding my own unit placements on them, sticking mostly to just getting my story written using the means given to me. No need to think out something outrageously outside the box, just doing this to get my story written. SOME new classes, some balancing adjustments, just with the assumption it’s not too hard to implement. Basically, that, yeah, heh.

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If you don’t want to make maps (like me), fe map creator can generate maps for you, or there are a bunch in the graphics repo. If you take ones from the repo you’ll probably want to only use a portion of the map, as most of them are super big to be pretty but completely unplayable

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